Benefit Concert at TLO

By Carrie Rieman, President, Friends of the Benton County Sheriff’s Office

The Friends of the Benton County Sheriff’s Office, along with Jim and Darlene Hayes, Bill Roberts and the Truman Lake Opry are proud to present a Benefit Concert on October 28, 2017. Doors open at 5 p.m. for dinner and the first entertainer will take the stage at 7 p.m. The concert will be held at the Truman Lake Opry, located at 11022 Highway7 in Tightwad, Mo. Admission is $10 advance or at the box office.

Performers will include; Jim and Darlene Hayes, Ron Hodges, Jim Buttrey, Johnny Spaugh and Bill Roberts. Guest performers include; Chris Curtis, John Sharp, Anna Herod, Ginelle Esry, Doug Rieman, Heather Johns, and more!

Funds from the benefit concert will go to provide bulletproof vests for Benton County Sheriff Deputies and other needed safety equipment.

According to Sheriff Eric Knox, “Many of our deputies that have bulletproof vests are wearing ones that have an expired warranty. Over time the material in the vest wears down and becomes less effective. Many of the vests we have are years past their expiration dates. This could leave deputies and their families in a dangerous situation where state benefits and life insurance can be denied if the officer is killed while wearing an expired vest.”

Benton County Sheriff Deputies have raised half of what is needed to cover everyone with valid, life-saving equipment and the Friends of the Benton County Sheriff Office has a goal to raise the other half through ticket and t-shirt sales and of course, freewill donations are always accepted and appreciated.

If you are able to contribute you can find Friends of the Benton County Sheriff’s Office on Facebook, just click the donate button, by email or call (417) 719-2538. More information will be coming soon on how to get tickets for this wonderful concert.