1/12-From the Henry Co. Commission



The Henry County Commission met pursuant to adjournment at the courthouse in Clinton, Missouri.

Those members present were:             Jim Stone-Presiding Commissioner

Rick Fosnow-North District Commissioner

Dale Lawler-South District Commissioner
Kelly Marriott- Deputy County Clerk

The agenda was approved as presented.


At 9:04 a.m. Commissioner Stone brought the meeting to order.


The minutes from the Friday January 5, 2018 meeting were read. Commissioner Lawler made a motion to approve the minutes. Commissioner Fosnow seconded the motion, motion carried.


Beth Wilson from the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office was in to express her concerns with the way the parking lot was salted, specifically the lack of salt in needed areas and the timing of application, yesterday Monday January 8, 2018. Beth stated that she had fallen in the parking lot on the ice and had hurt her arm and had heard others speak of the same concerns.  Commissioners assured Beth that they would speak with the maintenance department.


Commissioner Stone called Chris Wirsig, Maintenance Supervisor, and asked him to attend the meeting. Chris attended the meeting and Commissioner Stone relayed the concerns of courthouse employees as well as his own about the parking lot and sidewalks being treated properly when bad weather happens. Chris said that he and his department would talk about getting the sidewalks and parking lot treated in a timely manner as well as with enough product applied in the appropriate places to make them safer.


Ronda Ake, Recorder of Deeds, brought in her fees collected for the month of December 2017. Commissioners reviewed and approved the fee sheet.


Commissioner Lawler updated the other commissioners on a meeting he had attended at the Senior Center.


Commissioners received a letter from The Wagner Law Group regarding a contract with Attorney Ivan Schraeder for Henry County legal services. Commissioners decided to table the contract until they could visit with County Clerk Rick Watson.


Discussion was held on various things going on at the Henry County Road and Bridge Department, specifically employees who have been out on medical leave.


Commissioner Stone returned a call to Barry Bullock regarding the use of the bandstand on May 5, 2018 for a wedding. Commissioners approved the request.


Commissioners returned a call to Bear Creek Township Board Member William Morris, they were unable to reach Mr. Morris so they called Board Member Ed Boden. Board Member Boden raised questions on the road tax that Missouri may get on the ballot later this year as well as tax levies for the Township and bridge work on SW 601 Road. A meeting was set for Thursday January 18 to address questions the Township has.


Missouri Department of Conservation agent Andy Bullock was in to introduce Jarred Kelly a new agent with the department.


Commissioners visited about the current phone system in the courthouse.


Commissioners adjourned at 11:55 a.m.




Henry County Commission

Open Meeting

2nd Floor Henry County Courthouse

100 W Franklin, Rm 210, Clinton, MO

9:00 a.m. Tuesday January 16th, 2018


Posted 8:27 a.m. Friday January 12, 2018




  1. Review and approve agenda


  1. Review and approve minutes of the Thursday January 11, 2018 Meeting


  1. Review and act on invoices


  1. Old Business
  2. Security Upgrades
  3. Remodel old 911 building
  4. 2018 Budge Discussion
  5. Remodel Public Administrator Office



  1. New Business


  1. Appointments

January 16, 2018 Budget public hearing

January 16, 2018 Bid Opening

January 18, 2018 meeting with Bear Creek Township


  1. Adjourn





The Henry County Commission may go into closed session at this meeting if such actions approved by a majority vote of the Commission members who constitute a quorum, to discuss legal, confidential, or privileged matter under Section 610.021 RSMo.