Canada’s Foreign Minister says serious challenges remain to be overcome before her nation will sign onto a renegotiated NAFTA.  Chrystia Freeland told the House of Commons’ foreign affairs committee that demands for reforms from the U.S. that she called “hardline” and “unconventional” are the biggest of those challenges.  She stated that Canada would only accept a deal that’s in the nation’s best interests and respects Canadian values.  Talks on modernizing the pact first enacted in 1994 have slowed, as Canada and Mexico are struggling to address some of the proposed changes from the U.S.  Freeland’s comments come a week after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Canada might be better off not signing an updated agreement rather than signing a bad one.  Among the more contentious proposals from the U.S. include more American content in automobiles and a sunset clause that would allow any of the three nations to leave the deal after five years.

From NAFB News Service