7/13-The Latest from the Henry Co. Commission

The Henry County Commission met pursuant to adjournment at the courthouse in Clinton, Missouri.
Those members present were: Jim Stone-Presiding Commissioner
Dale Lawler-South District Commissioner
Rick Fosnow-North District Commissioner
Rick Watson-County Clerk
The agenda was approved as presented.
At 9:03 a.m. Commissioner Stone brought the meeting to order.
The minutes from the Thursday July 05, 2018 meeting were read. Commissioner Lawler made a motion
to approve the minutes. Commissioner Fosnow seconded the motion, motion carried.
Expenditures from the following departments were approved to be paid:
Road and Bridge Prosecuting Attorney Buildings and Grounds
Law Enforcement Fund Employee Benefits General County Government
The commission discussed the proposed solar farm project in Davis Township. There was also
discussion on yesterday’s 911 addressing meeting with SDR, the contractor that is going to correct the
addressing issues in the county.
County Clerk Rick Watson shared that Spectrum will be installing fax lines for the Circuit Clerk’s
Office on Friday. There was also brief discussion on the Public Administrator’s Office remodel.
The group discussed Road and Bridge projects, hauling gravel, and replacing culverts.
There was discussion regarding the purchase of new security camera equipment for the courthouse
grounds. Also discussed was the Senior Citizens Service Tax Board vacancy.
Commissioner Fosnow gave an update on a Highway 13 Coalition meeting he attended.
The commission called County Surveyor Jake Hann to visit about the Remonumentation Program. After
discussion Commissioner Fosnow made a motion to participate in the 2019 Remonumentation Program.
Commissioner Lawler seconded, motion carried with a roll call vote. Stone-Yes Lawler-Yes FosnowYes
Commissioner Lawler discussed the Henry County Economic Development Council. The report
centered on insurance and available grants. He also shared that they will meet every other month.
Mike Kidwiler met with the commissioner to talk about his property lines.
The group discussed the generator at the Emergency Operations Center.
Commissioners adjourned at 12:00 p.m.




Henry County Commission
Open Meeting
nd Floor Henry County Courthouse
100 W Franklin, Rm 210, Clinton, MO
9:00 a.m. Tuesday July 17, 2018
Posted 1:45 p.m. Thursday July 12, 2018
A. Review and approve agenda
B. Review and approve minutes of the Thursday July 12, 2018 Meeting
C. Review and act on invoices
D. Old Business
1. Security Upgrades
2. Remodel Public Administrator Office
3. Bandstand Vandalism
4. SCSTF Appointment
5. BOE July 24th at 1:00 p.m.
6. 10:00 a.m. Tuesday Oct 9th Public hearing for closing a portion of Graham
Road, Urich
E. New Business
F. Appointments
G. Adjourn
The Henry County Commission may go into closed session at this meeting if such
actions approved by a majority vote of the Commission members who constitute a
quorum, to discuss legal, confidential, or privileged matter under Section 610.021