Missouri averaged just over two inches of rain last week, bringing the state’s crop progress closer in line to five-year averages.  The weekly USDA report, released Tuesday following a technical delay, indicates that corn harvest is 12 percent complete.  That’s just ahead of a year ago and the five-year average.  95 percent is dented while two-thirds of the crop is mature.  Conditions slipped in the rain, with 28 percent good or excellent compared to 44 percent poor or very poor.  Soybeans matched last year’s marks, with 95 percent setting pods, 38 percent turning color, and nine percent dropping leaves.  Conditions remained steady, with 43 percent in good or excellent condition against 27 percent poor or very poor.

Bootheel crops split direction on their conditions.  Cotton witnessed an eight-point drop in quality to 55 percent good or excellent, against 12 percent poor.  Two-thirds of bolls have opened, still considerable better than last year and the five-year average.  However, three-fourths of the state’s rice crop is in good or excellent condition, compared to 10 percent poor.  Harvest is nine percent complete, just ahead of last year’s mark but behind the five-year average.

Sorghum fell further behind last week, with 95 percent headed, 78 percent changing color, and 22 percent mature.  One percent has been harvested, compared to three percent last year.  37 percent of the crop is good or excellent, an improvement from last week, while 23 percent is still poor or very poor.  Pastures improved to 19 percent good or excellent, while 44 percent are poor or very poor.  79 percent of farmers lack adequate hay supply, but 54 percent report adequate or even surplus stock water supply.  70 percent of Missouri’s topsoil has adequate or surplus moisture, along with 48 percent of subsoil.  Three days were suitable for fieldwork last week.