5/23-Recertification Training

Central Missouri Police Academy to Offer POST Recertification Training
WARRENSBURG, MO (May 20, 2014) – The Central Missouri Police Academy at the University of Central Missouri, in cooperation with Midwest Police Consultants LLC and the Clinton Police Department, is offering 27 hours of POST-approved continuing education credit. The recertification training courses will be offered Sept. 22-25 at the Benson Convention Center, Clinton, Mo. The courses are open to all law enforcement officers on a first come, first served basis.
Topics to be covered include:
·        Sept. 22 - Technical Studies – CSI: Specialized Crime Scene Response - This course covers crime scenes and initial investigations that require specific actions and understanding to avoid injury and loss of evidence, including death investigations, meth lab discovery and response, child abuse, WMD discovery and response, and sexual assaults, up to and including the bizarre and unusual. This is highly applicable to rural and small jurisdiction officers who may not encounter these types of crimes with the frequency required to stay sharp on procedures. It will be especially helpful to all who may be the first on these scenes, and to newly appointed investigators. This course includes six hours of technical studies, one hour of interpersonal perspectives, and one hour of legal studies. It does cover the POST requirement for core hours in Technical Studies.
·        Sept. 23 - Interpersonal Perspectives – “Good Intentions - Bad Results.” Participants may obtain interpersonal perspective hours without repeating cultural diversity training. More careers are cut short by ethical violations than legal, but one can lead to the other. Officers often believe that ethical practices are not important until they find themselves facing internal discipline, law
suits, criminal prosecution, prison, or even loss of life. This course includes realistic information and a case study on the practical application of ethics. The case study movie is a true story demonstrating how far problems associated with ethics and corruption can go. The movie will be shown in segments, between which instructors will identify where the discussion points were illustrated. The course is designed to demonstrate that ethics is not just for theoretical discussion, but also for practical, daily application.
·        Sept. 24 - Legal Update – Participants will receive complete updates on Missouri and federal law changes that affect daily work. Failure to stay informed of changes in the law results in increased court time, refusal of charges, and lost cases. The course will be presented by an active prosecuting attorney.
·        Sept. 25 - Racial Profiling. This three hour course will satisfy POST requirements for the next recertification period. It will approach the topic from a different perspective than commonly presented and is designed to provide sound guidance on a politically charged topic.
Cost for the training is $299 for the three-day, 24-hour block, or $119 per day for those attending one or two days. Cost for the racial profiling course only is $59 per person. For more information, or to enroll, visit the Missouri Police Academy web site at ucmo.edu/cmpa.

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