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JANUARY 10 2015 - audio ready for listening 1/10/2015 8:23am...enjoy...stay warm!

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS - a variety of stories of boating interest...Water Patrol officer killed as result of falling overboard...Lake of the Ozarks Draw Down is underway but going down very slowly...Ice Rescue Training national meeting coming soon...New Boating Regulations/Laws went into effect Jan 1 in Illinois...Reggie Fountain, Jr. is featured in new video...KC Boat & Sport Show is coming and we have the EXPO 2015 is just ahead and vendor spaces are still avail.

IT'S BOAT SHOW TIME...Mike Kenagy, Ex. Dir. of the LOTO Marine Dealers drops by with details on the Jan 22-25 Overland Park Boat Show.

PART II with Pete Zimmerman of Paradise Upholstery and Canvas.

PART II with Willy Gilligan...Pres. of the Gilligan's Island Fan Club.

JANUARY 3 2015 - First Show of the New Boating Year!  Audio avail soon...
AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS...reflect on 2014 briefly...then Cuban Coast Guard sinks boat with 23 Cubans...some missing...Navigation aids for cruising...Eagle Days rundown of activities...Kansas City Boat Shows and more...

Show Manager, Becca Doyle with the National Marine Manufacturers Association tells us about the KC Boat and Sport Show Jan 22-25 at Bartell

Looking for quality Marine Upholstery and Canvas work for your boat?  Listen as we get the inside info from "Paradise Pete"...Pete Zimmerman with Paradise Upholstery and Canvas.  This is Part 1 of a two part interview. 

If you watched episodes of Gilligan's Island like many of us'll really enjoy listening to Willy Gilligan, the President of the Gilligan's Island Fan Club!  Lots of trivia about the show...some amazing facts...and updated info on the SS Minnow!  This is Part 1 of two...

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 27, 2014 - SHOW AUDIO uploaded for your listening pleasure!
US. COAST GUARD now is charging a fee for renewal of Vessel Documentation...OK...what is that?  I'll explain the best I can...but will also put a link up on my home page that will have all the details direct from them...great Q & A section should answer all your questions.  Plus as the final show of 2014...BOATING Magazine's "BOATERS FIVE FAILED NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS!"  CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY to the Lake Race 2015 with the announcement of Performance Boat Center's Title Sponsorship announcement...and Bob's No Wake Zone Microphone was there...and Brett Manire will join us with details and more about the Red Head Yacht Club, too!

HAPPY NEW YEAR...and get ready for the Lake of the Ozarks DRAW DOWN!  Bryan Vance and Allan Sullivan from Ameren recently appeared on the KB Ozarks This Morning and explained the draw down...why it is done...and what lake dock owners need to know...and do beginning with the New Year.

FOUR IMMORTAL CHAPLAINS...the entire story will be told when Dr. Mark Johnson, US Army Chaplain and Historian comes on the show with details of this disaster and large loss of life occurred some 70 years ago...the Dorcester was a US Army troop transport that was hit by a German torpedo...what happened will amaze you.  PART 1


SATURDAY, DECEMBER 20 2014 - AUDIO BY SUNDAY for your listening pleasiure product to help reduce the jerking and tugging on your dock lines...Bob's install and initial reaction after a day and night of 20-35MPH winds this week.  AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS STORIES..Eagle Days...

BOAT US President Margaret Podlich receives the Darlene Briggs Woman of the Year Award...we'll get her reaction and ask some other questions about this membership organization for boaters.

ACA is the American Canoe Association and Catharine Lloyd is the Communication Director...she's going to announce their new Paddlers APP that is now ready...and will explain all that it can do for you and the paddler you love!

KANSAS CITY BOAT AND SPORT SHOW will open Jan 22nd for the 61st year in downtown Kansas City...this NMMA Show Manager is Becca Doyle and she will come on to talk about the many aspects of the show...the special features...why there is something for all ages.

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 13 2014 - AUDIO can be heard NOW....
MISSOURI WATER PATROL HEARINGS have ended...Rep. Rocky Miller and Rep. Pat Conway speak up about the hearings and what they heard from former water patrol officers...and now what happens...AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS STORIES...and a great boating song from Celtic Thunder...Home from the Sea!

OVERLAND PARK BOAT SHOW is Kansas City's Largest show...Mike Kenagy, Executive Director of the Lake of the Ozarks Marine Dealers Association will come on board with all the details about the show.

SEVEN MORE INVASIVE SPECIES have been identified...and Nick Popoff, the Aquatic Species and Regulatory Affairs Manager with the Michigan Department of Natural Resourses...joins us with details on the now 40 different species now on the least wanted list!

EAGLE DAYS at Lake of the Ozarks is the first weekend of 2015 and Michelle Cook with the Organizating Committee will tell us about the changes..the new locations and what special things will happen along with the yearly displays of Eagles...and birds of prey...

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2014 Audio ready

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS - The World's Largest Catamaran...would you believe over 1,200 ft long!  $10,000 to the best designer of a new Life Jacket...What are the major causes of sinking?  Details on these the January Boat Show matter what part of country you are in...there will be a boat show near you...11 in all scheduled for January!

TOP 100 Boat Dealers in the country was announced by Boating Industry...Jonathan Sweet, Editor in Chief, joins Bob for the details...including two Lake of the Ozarks dealers that made the list! 

CHICAGO'S CHRISTMAS TREE SHIP story will give you goose bumps...even if you have heard it before.  Capt. Dave Truitt, US Coast Guard Retired comes on board to tell the story...of Ruthie...the Rouse Simmons...the US Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw...the 1500 volunteers...the Play...and the memorial ceremony.  This story will take two segments...this is Part One.

CHICAGO'S CHRISTMAS TREE SHIP...Part two...This part is the real heartwarming part of the story...with a happy ending that should strengthen your Christmas Spirit!

WE'RE BEING BOARDED BY THE COAST GUARD...Now What?  Expect more boardings at Lake of the Ozarks as the Coast Guard and have some details that will help you "pass the audition" to speak.  Plus two Boating Obits...first Cmdr Dick Patton, USCGR and guest on the show a couple years ago.  CMR Patton was part of the Final Board of Inquiry: A Cold Case Investigatiion into the Loss of the Steamship...Titanic.  And Reese Lewis an important part if not THE Face of Miss Geico around the country.  We met her three years ago at the SW International Boat Show at Clear Lake Texas...always a smile...always ready to take pictures with anyone that asked.  
Also the Princess Cruises just launched a new 3, 560 passenger liner and the crew of the LOVE BOAT helped with the ceremonies...(Love Boat Theme song heard here, too! And DECK THE DOCKS cruises are do you get info and how not to miss the boat!

What is the PWIA? Why did they recently receive a national award?  Ex. Dir. David Dickerson joins us with details...hint...has to do with Personal Watercraft.

OPERATION DRY WATER FINAL STATS ARE IN...John Fetterman, NASBLA's deputy Executive Director provides the stats...and some good news for boaters.

ETHANOL / E-15...not good for boat engines...but the EPA won't back up on the new regulations.  Nicole Vasilaros, Director of Federal & Legal Affairs from the National Marine Manufacturers Association will give you details...starting with a brief intro to the whole mess!

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 2014 - AUDIO AVAILABLE NOW - Pre Thanksgiving Show!

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS...7,600 MILES IN ONE SEASON...ONE MAN...ONE KAYAK...IS IT A RECORD?  Plus...Deck the Docks Cruises are filling up....and Boater Education Safety Classes begin next week.  A song has been stuck in my head all hope you enjoy a great boating song from the Late John Denver.

BOAT US MARINE INSURANCE is featured in this segment and joining us is Dir. of Underwriting, Brian discuss the various options in boat insurance and some ways to save money but be fully porotected.

LAKE RACE 2015 is scheduled for June and Mike Shephard, committee head, and Honorary Chairman Dave Scott joined the John Rogger Ozarks Today show this past week...listen to some of that interview here and learn more at

COLD WATER CAN KILL YOU...and how do you prepare and protect yourself or passengers if in fact you end up in cold water...Erika Brooks, Education Coordinator with the Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism comes aboard with some great lifesaving information...1-10-1 and the HELP tactics could save your life...along with filing a float plan. 

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2014 - Audio ready for listening...Sat. 3:47pm...enjoy!

LEAVES MAKE SMELLY CONDITIONS AT BAGNELL DAM THIS SUMMER...Donna Swall, Exc. Dir. of the LO Watershed Alliance will explain in Part Two of the Clean Water Report.  Also we celebrate the birthday of the US Marines!  Do you know all the words to the Marine Corps theme song?  Hear it in this section...preformed by the Sun Harbor Choir.

NO PAYMENTS FOR 90 DAYS now at Marine Max!  Frank Svobada, Sales manager gives the details...and releases info about their Holiday Open House coming Thanksgiving weekend...with an indoor boat show featuring some great Sea Ray models.

WEAR IT Campaign was great success this great?  Rachel Johnson, Ex. Dir. of the National Safe Boating Council comes on board the no wake zone with lots of details on their survey of boaters.  Also, Rachel talks about their "Boat on Course" training videos, kids life jackets discount...and some great training with the Boating Safety Sidekicks.

...Full of great stories...and we have enough time for a Jimmy Buffet song...Christmas in the Caribbean...sorta warms you up!

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2014 - Audio available now - sorry for the "over-riding program " if you were listening on the stream Sat...

LOTO Marine Dealers Association Board Meeting...and Executive Director Mike Kenegy opens up the show with comments about important legislative issues and calendar notes about the 2015 Boat Show Schedule now set.
including the story of two vessels found off the North Carolina coast which sunk in World War II...

Another Shootout for Lake of the Ozarks?  Brady Kay, Editor of Pontoon and Deck Boat Magazine comes on board with details on their 20 years of events at Table Rock...and some discussion about a possible move?

More than 100 vessels are stolen each day across your boat protected?  Kt. Knox Alarm and Security has launched a new line of boat alarm systems which use Smartphone technology to warn you of someone geting on your boat...getting into the cabin...or if your lift goes down.  Keith Stehl, owner tells the story.

has always been a top topic for us on the show...and with the recent report about the LOTO Watershed Alliance $740,000 grant from DNR winding up...we got Donna Swall, Ex. Dir. of the organization on the BOAT US Guest Line to provide lots of many, we have Part 1 in this show...Part 2 will air next Saturday!

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2014 - Audio Available NOW!  Thanks for stopping by...

NEW DAM CHALLENGE with PWC's making the Round-Trip from Bagnell to Truman...back to Bagnell.  Larry Cox, one of two riders will be here to tell us the story.

MARINA/DOCK ETIQUETTE...Scott Wilson, Live Aboard Blogger has been doing some research and a survey on the most burning of questions.  Details revealed in two parts...this is Part One.


LOTO WATER SAFETY COUNCIL meets to review 2014 success...and plan out some new ideas for 2015 in the areas of water and boating safety at Lake of the Ozarks.  Part two of the meeting included two Coast Guard officers to talk about their plans in the spring to search out commercial vessel not inspected...and to explain about their mission in regards to boarding boats.  Lt. Dan Every and Lt. Tim Marriott have comments that you can hear right here.
Entire presentations along with Q & A are posted here for you to listen to...
Lt. Dan Every - Prevention Department/Marine Investigations

Lt. Tim Marriott - Chief, Enforcement Branch



TWO MEN FROM AMEREN...Bryan Vance and Jeff Green appeared on the KB Morning Show and discussed the Fall Shoreline Cleanup, the ongoing work of the Shoreline Survey and Inspection Project and the need for more volunteers.  Jeff Green comments on the Draw Down, the new Shoreline Management office and Dock Inspections.

CENTRAL MISSOURI MARINE SERVICE/TOP GUN MARINA are owned and operated by Derek this segment hear Derek discuss all the services they provide and location info, too.

LAKE RACE 2015 - Yes...we'll be joined by Mike Shepherd, Chair of the event committee to discuss the last three years of the race and the impact on the lake area...then go into the future to talk about the 2015 race.  The committee is already meeting and looking for volunteers.

OCTOBER 19, 2014  - Sorry the show did not air due to KC Chiefs Football...listen this week during the Ozarks Today with John Rogger...4-6pm for show segments...or listen here now...

FAST...SLOW...AND THEN FAST AGAIN.  The pacing of the show this week will take us to the 2014...2015 Lake of the Ozarks Shootout with Ron Duggan...looking back at this year and then ahead to changes for 2015.  And what about the $125,000 raised for local non-profits!

OZARKS SAILING CLUB is based out of the Ozark Yacht Club...and Norm Buecting will join us to discuss the regatta's and the ASA Training that is available.

BACK TO FAST...LAKE RACE 2015...Mike Shepard of Beavers at the Dam will come aboard to discuss the beginnings of Lake Race...what the challenges were...and then a look ahead to the June 2015 event.

MISSOURI HOUSE COMMITTEE LOOKING AT THE MISSOURI HIGHWAY PATROL/WATER PATROL MERGER...held a hearing in Osage Beach this week...Bob was there to capture audio.  This hearing focused on the training aspects before and after the merger.  Tow witnesses made some great points and we'll share their testimony...Jim Divencin of the Tri-County Lodging Association...and Rebecca Green who works for same...but was is the Co-Chair for the LOTO Water Safety Council.  


MARINA'S AND BOATER EDUCATION - Mary Lou Jay has written a great article following up on a survey done by Anna Townsend of Marina Dock Age magazine about how and what marina's around the country are doing to help educate boaters.

MARINE MAX LAKE OF THE OZARKS - ONE OF THE TOP 5 SEA RAY DEALERS IN THE COUNTRY!  Congrats.  Tawny Daggett joins us to cover imporvements...and the Clear The Decks Sales Event that is continuing thru October!  PLUS AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS...from the "my boat is missing department" comes the stoy of the Four Winns that was adrift early one morning and a bass boat hit it...Fiore memorial Fun Run presented by Performance Boat Center raises nearly $20K...2 Dam Days winner beats record by more than 16 minutes...82 miles in two days...and more women are earning their Captain's Licenses now more than ever...we'll talk about this as well!

OCTOBER 5 2014...NO SHOW!  I'm giving way to my KC Chiefs and KC Royals!

Stories we are working on for October 12 show include author Diane Seltzer and her book The Amazing Adventures of Boat Girl.  Keith Shehl owner of Fort Knox Alarms and Security will tell us some good news about ehri new Marine Alarm Systems...and Tawney Daggett of Marine Max will talk about their year at Lake of the Ozarks and then bring us info about winter storage and winterizations...


AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS - Wakes...we'll discuss following lots of questions from the Boat Show last weekend...California's Gov has signed new Boater Safety Education law...PFD saves life of 15 yr old girl in Indiana...PFD labeling changing as Coast Guard files Final Rules...Grand Lake double fatality last year back in the news as trail concludes...Cobalt launches new Pontoon, the Marker One...and LOTO Marina is in their Top Ten sales locations...PWC and Ski Boat sales push August sales...HydroHoist meets ISO standards....and Spet. 30th is the deadline to submit entries for the Darlene Briggs Award for woman in the Marine Industry.

CELEBRATION OF LIFE FOR MICHAEL FIORE with Jason Johson of Speed on the Water dot com...he attended and has some thoughts.  Plus he tells us about the Dam Challenge.  Then we'll connect up with Shane Sherman who along with several friends ran from Bagnell to Truman...back to Bagnell...and started this new event.  Complete details in this segment..,.plus how long do you think it took them to make that run?  Performance Boat Center is also holding a Fun Run in honor of Michael...Sat. Sept. 27th...

OPERATION DRY WATER took place around the country back in June...and with 80% of the reporting agencies data turned into NASBLA...John Fetterman will provide some details and will report that boaters are doing lots better...and why.  Plus the new BOAT...officer training is being rolled out nationwide...we'll get the first thoughts on how that will work.

2 DAM DAYS INTERNATIONAL FLAT WATER CHAMPIONSHIP is coming up on LOTO Oct 2-3-4 and Donna Swall, Ex. Dir. of LOWA will be back with us to update details...and she announces that Carter Johnson, a multi-record holder will be coming in from California to compete...give Mike Herbert a little competition!  Carter will jump on board for a short conversation and tell us about his many records including the MR 340!

NOTE: Sunday, Oct. 5th show will not air due to KC Chiefs Football again...but listen for segments weekday afternoons with John Rogger on the Ozarks Today 4-6pm.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2014 -  Audio posted...

JOLLY ROGER SAILING CLUB in Toledo, Ohio teaches young people how to sail...Leslie Deitsch with the club will fill us in on the details on this year-round program to education and instruct about boating safety...and about sailboat racing!

What has 7,000 Officers...60,000 vessels...145,000 boaters...5,000 citations...and over 300 BUI's?  It was Operation Dry Water that took place back in June.  These stats are with only 70% of all sgencies across the country reporting.  Deputy Executive Director, John Fetterman comes back on the show with the story...and details.  We will follow up with Missouri stats as soon as they are available.  The program is undertaken by the NASBLA.

BOAT US Foundation works in many areas for boaters...Amanda Perez works in the areas of clean water and boater education.  Listen to this segment to learn more about what this portion of the Foundation works on every day!

PRO SPEC ELECTRONICS JBL PRV 175 installation and feature louder...better quality stereo player on the water now.  Plus Kids Harbor HomeMade Boat Races afterglow...with Stacy Mosher...Dave Wall...and Cara Gerdiman.  Raised over $2500 at the event...

ESD ELECTRIC SHOCK DROWING...two more children have lost their lives to faulty wiring or bad grounding on docks...Dave Hotz, owner of Dock Realty and the Dock Lifeguard joins us to discuss these trageties...and ways of protecting your family and friends that use your dock.

is coming up Saturday Oct. 11th all around lake of the Ozarks...Heather Brown of the LOTO Convention and Visitors Bureau comes on board with details on this last organized boating activity this year.

CENTRAL MISSOURI MARINE SERVICE AND TOP GUN MARINA will be featured this week with owner Derek Dawson.  Heasr Derek explain getting into boating at an early age at Grand Lake in Oklahoma...then getting the passion for speed...moved to LOTO and started CMMS...recently purchased Top Gun Marina...formerly Marina 44.  Great success story...   www.topgun

SEPTEMBER 7, 2014 - KRMS 1150am/97.5 FM or for show listen 6-7pm ct Sundays.  Archive ready...6:25am ct

2 DAM DAYS INTERNATIONAL FLAT WATER CHAMPIONSHIP...with LOWA Executive Director Donna Swall opens up our show...race weekend is moved to oct 3-4 this year...find out why and if the 82 mile journey is not for you...listen for some shorter "fun" races!

ACA is the American Canoe Association...Chris Stec is the President/CEO and he's join us to announce some new educational videos that they have just released.

ANNAPOLIS is the site for the oldest In-Water Boat Show in the country.  Paul Jacobs is the President and he's  join us talk the US Sailboat Show...followed by the US Powerboat Show and all the details of this historic an historic setting.

CHOOSEBOATING.ORG is a new effort to get more families into what we love the most...BOATING!  Anna Islamova and Matt Howard join us on the BoatUS Guest from each Coast of the US to provide details on what this is...and why they did it!

AUGUST 30, 2014 - SUNDAY SHOW LABOR DAY up 10:30am 9/1/2014
TRAGETY AND TRIUMP...Marks the 26th Annual Lake of the Ozarks Shootout.  We'll be talking about this terrible accident for years, especially those that saw it happen.  My thoughts...and thru the program we'll be hearing from Poker Run coordinators Mark and Mike Massen...Plus a little AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS here...$10,000 prize for inventing a new PFD...details on the the HOMEMADE BOAT RACES are coming up Sunday, Sept. 7th in a new location...with new classes set up...still time to get building.

SPEED ON THE WATER.COM's JASON JOHNSON joins us on the dock to discuss the many aspects of the LOTO SHOOTOUT...and Ron Duggan...Capt. Ron himself will share his toughts.  These interviews happened on Sunday 8/24...before Mike Fiore died....

MARINE MAX is maximizing sales...Frank Svobada, Sales manager joins us on board to share some success this year and point out the months of boating ahead.

SEA WALL owners around Lake of the Ozarks that have noticed sagging, cracking, of if you are having to backfill every few days...Steve Jones, VP of Midwest Water and Concrete (a division of Midwest Water & Concrete) steps up to the mic with some facts behind all this...and suggestions on how to fix it...instead of replace it.  We'll have phone numbers locally as their office is in Osage Beach...and toll free so once you leave the lake you can get in touch.

August 23-24, 2014 - SHOOTOUT WEEK...What a now avail.
AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS...stories about the missing boat dealer and racer Andrew Biddle in New Jersey...authorities are now looking into a fake death...Four Legged Friends are taken care of with your BOAT US Insurance policy...we'll have details...Torqueedo and Bennington team up for some quiet Electric power coming soon...Home Made Boat Races are coming...details here.  Plus OYC Nautical Shoppe has grand opening and Sara Clark gives us the word along with the new Wine Galley...then it's off to the Mini Shootout...Remote Control Boats...Top Gun 99 MPH!  Bill McNeal...Lance Hedrick...and Papa Chubby himself...Frank will be on with us.

RED CROSS Launches campaign to cut drownings in half...Kathie Edwards, Aquatic Specialist from the Kansas City office brings us some great news about programs...a new Red Cross APP...and more.

Speaking of Boat Insurance...John Condon with BOAT US will come aboard and discuss the options for towing...and trailering that will add some protection to your boat insurance policy.
Freshwater towing...and the Trailer Assist programs will be covered.


What is the legal limit in length that you have pull with you pick up...camper/5th wheel and boat?  Preston Smith with Wilder RV will share some vital info.  Preston will also cover inventory...and their service department set and ready to get campers ready for the great fall season around Missouri's Lakes.

August 16-17, 2014
  Listen now to the show...or by a selected segment.  Thanks for stopping by!
LAKE OF THE OZARKS MARINE DEALERS Executive Director Mike Kenegy will open up the show with some thoughts on the year so far in boat sales from around the lake.  Mike will also have details on the September In Water Boat Show and Sale.  Did you know this organization has contributed over $20,000 to a local charity?  Find out in this part of the show.

HOMEMADE BOAT RACES are coming up on Sept. 7th at Capt. Ron's...and Cara Gerdiman, Ex. Dir. of Kids Harbor comes on board our sturdy ship to tell us about this event that has been moved to a bigger location,...and about the new categories that have been added.

MISSOURI RIVER RELIEF is a massive clean up effort and one organization pulls thousands of volunteers to make it happen...and you won't believe the amount of debris/trash they take off the river.  Steve Schnarr, Program manager will be our guest with details...and info on how you can get involved as they work their way down the Mighty Mo...

To celebrate the clean river...the RACE FOR THE RIVERS will take place on August 23rd...same weekend as races on Lake of the Ozarks named the Shootout will take place.  This race is down the Missouri River....kayaks and canoes all designed to call attention to educations about clean water and safetly.  Charlene Wagoner, President of Greenway Network is our guest with all the details.

August 9-10, 2014   Show audio now available for listening...8 10 2014 7:20am
Shootout Poker Run chairman Mark Massen opens up the show with all the details on this prelude to the big race days.  Wine and Brew Fest weekend...and Benefit Golf Tournament fills this first segment. Still openings for players and sponsors...get in touch with Jeff Carrol at Old Kinderhook.  Duck Drop $5K winner...and other prize winners from the Bagnell Dam Duck Drop event last weekend.

PONTOON AND DECK BOAT MAGAZINE EDITOR BRADY KAY comes back on the show with details on the upcoming September boat show at Table Rock Lake and a chance for someone to win a new boat!  Lots of different brands will be on display along with after market vendors.

THEY HAVE MOVED...FINALLY!  Sara Clark with the Ozark Yacht Club's Nautical Shoppe and Wine Galley have moved into their new store at the OYC Marina Location.  Lots more space...lots more merchandise...and some wine to go along with it!
   Air Show Public Service Announcement...and Boating Song added to this segment!  Pontoon by Little Big Town!

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS - Shootout Hall of Fame winners announced...two people injured as they were swimming too close to the stern of a boat with the prop turning...ever caught your hand in a line trying to tie up...or get our hand or leg caught between the boat and dock?  Boating with Dawsons have some tips...BOAT US President Margaret Podlich adds vice to NMMA Congressional Boating Caucus...and Mystery of 1700's Boat found at World Trade Center Site is finally solved...and you won't believe what the report says...very cool and strange at the same time! 

AUGUST 2-3, 2014 - Show audio posted 8 3 2014 3:58pm
BIG BOATS...LITTLE BOATS...Celebration announces special Shootout Benefit Cruise Aug 6th...Diana with the Celebration Cruise Ship will provide details and how to sign up.  Little boats are the Remote Control boats that will run at Papa Chubby's 26 MM location on the 16-17 of August...and owner Frank will tell us the plans...where to view these high power boats and precautions needed in the cove that day.

ELECTRIC SHOCK DROWNING - Beth Leonard, Technical Editor for BOAT US will share the info she put together in a recent article on this topic...and Drowning.  What you look for...what to do or not do if you spot someone drowning...listen carefully if you are going to be in or around water anytime.

SHOOTOUT BOAT DRIVERS give their time, gas, and company in the MAKE A WISH FOUNDATION event coming up in conjunction with the LOTO Shootout.  Tiffany Reimann, chairperson for this committee comes aboard to share some stories about past events and provide details on the 2014 day on the water these children, families and boaters will never forget.

MIDWEST WINE & BREW FEST is Saturday, August 9th at the Country Club Hotel...LOTO.  Wendy White, Ex. Dir. of the Lake Area Chamber, host of the event...will tell us about how many different wineries...and breweries will be present...and what else you'll be able to enjoy from 2-5 that day.  Advanced reservations are just $ 

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS...The Costa Concordia is now in its final resting port before being torn up for scrap...Boston whale watching cruise boat with 150 passengers on board snags a lobster pot and is stuck overnight...all ends well though.
Propeller strikes may prove deadly...this story is important as many boaters allow children or friends to ride on the bow's of their boats...listen for the facts on this...and a recent incident described by Missouri Water Patrol Officer Stacey Mosher during a meeting of the Lake of the Ozarks Water Safety Council.  This segment also includes a Boat Show Calendar section with 6-8 upcoming shows...including the LOMDA In Water Show in September...and finally a fatality on the Niangua River this past weekend where a PWC operator strikes another boat...and then leaves the scene...30 minutes later that same PWC strikes a connecting dock walkway and is killed. 

July 26-27, 2014 ready click any segment to listen on your computer player.
LIL BOAT & PONTOON POKER RUN for the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout...Jim Case with Border XPressions...chairperson for this new event will fill in all the details.

FREEDOM BOAT CLUB'S President and CEO, John Giglio visited Lake of the Ozarks and we were able to get a few minutes for his thoughts on our beautiful lake...and learn more about the 25 year of company.  Gery Baar, local franchise owner also told us about what they are now offering at LOTO and how to get more info on membership.     www/

CALLING ALL VOLUNTEERS that would like to earn some money for their favorite charity...Listen as Kari Massen, Ex. Dir. of the Lake West Chamber and head of the Volunteer Efforts for the Shootout provides some great info on what jobs are available and how to get involved with nearly 600 others that will help the week full of events.  Thanks to Jason Johnson/Speed on the Water .com for the story!

THE SHIEK IS COMING...Ron Duggan, Chairman of the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout comes aboard with lots of info about the QATAR boats that will be coming...will My Way come back this year...and how much money has been raised for local area fire departments and civic/charity some of the events in the week have been moved or changed...get all the info and then check out the web site!

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS - Offshore Racer Andy Biddle is missing after a nighttime boating accident...Navigation Lights Checkup with Bob...what to check and look for before you go night cruising...more Ethanol news...Brunswick is getting out of the bowling business...putting more investment into the marine side of their business....LOTO Boaters head for Lake Lanier in Georgia and join 300 other boats for the Pirates of Lanier Poker Run...guess who was there? out Kansas Boaters...7 lakes have Blue Green Algea warnings...we'll have the list or your can check it out at the kansas Department of Health and Environment.

July 19-20, 2014 avail now...July 20 4:33pm ct
MISSOURI CORN GROWERS PUSHING ETHANOL...BOATUS responds.  Scott Croft, PR Director and David Kennedy, Government Affairs Program Coordinator come on the show to explain what this means for out what you are putting in your boat gas tanks!

MARINE MAX Lake of the Ozarks is having a fabulous year...Frank Svoboda, Sales Manager talks about the July 4th weekend and what events and sales opportunities are coming up.  Tawny Daggett, Marina Administration and Marketing Manager brings us up to date on slip availablity...and she will also announce a new "Incentive" for dock owners.  Tawny also tells us about many improvements that have been completed around the marina.

GREAT DAM DUCK DROP is coming up August 2nd...and Michelle Cook with the Kiwanis Club will share all the info...$5000 prize plus other prizes if your $5 duck crosses the finish line...Oh...there's also a golf tournament!

BOAT US INSURANCE will be featured in this segment of the show...Becky Reinaker, Assistant VP will be with us to explain the different policies...and what makes BOAT US marine insurance very different in all areas of service.  

July 12-13, 2014 uploaded for your listening pleasure...7/13/2014 3:30pm ct
REMOTE CONTROL MINI SHOOTOUT is coming up August 16-17 and Bill McNeal, Chair for the RC Committee will tell us all about the new Papa Chubby's location...the challenges it holds...the boats that will be competing...and what boating coming into MM 26 will need to know.  We'll also have a 4th of July weekend traffic and boating accident/fatality report for you from Missouri's Highway Patrol

ON THE WATER/OFF THE WATER EVENTS CALENDAR...for Lake of the Ozarks is full of things to do going forward thru Sepetmber...and Tim Jacobsen, Ex. Dir. of the CVB and comes on board for two segments...takes that to cover everything going on...Aquapalooza...Bike Fest...Duck Drop...Shootout...Air Show...and more.

SEGMENT TWO of the Calendar with Tim Jacobsen.

BENEFIT GOLF TOURNAMENT FOR THE 26TH ANNUAL SHOOTOUT at Old Kinderhook enters it's 6th year.  Jeff Carroll, Chair for this committee joins us via cell phone from the greens with detail on how to to sponsor...and what the greatest golf movie of all time is!  More info on all Shootout events available at

MAGIC EZY is a great new fact more than one.  We'll have a product review for you.  Plus additional AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS...and a great boating song by Kenny Chesney...

July 5-6, 2014  - Show audio uploaded...ready to listen 7/6/2014 2:25pm
STEREO SHOOTOUT...yes...who has the best boat stereo system.  Justin Wagner, chairman of the Shootout Stereo Shootout committee will come aboard to tell all the details.  Justin also owns Waves & Wheels at lake of the he certainly knows something about audio gear!  Plus we will be digging into the archives for a patriotic song for the 4th of July weekend from Whitney Houston.

SUPPORT OUR TROOPS POKER RUN presented by was a great success from several points of few...we'll have two-parts for you on the show...Part One is the start of the event Friday, June 27th at H. Toads...with interviews from Ed Champion and Jon two service members...Maria and Luis.

SUPPORT OUR TROOPS POKER RUN Part Two will be at the end of the event at Dog the boats arrived after visiting 11 sites around the lake...we will be talking with boat drivers Scott and Bill...Steve and we'll also catch up with Maria and Air Force member Christy as well.  This segment will also have the check presentation to HEROES CARE.

22nd ANNUAL WINE AND BREW FEST is coming up Saturday, August 9th...Morgan Crainshaw, Mkt. Dir. at the Lake Area Chamber fills us in on this great event...perfect afternoon to come off the water and enjoy what Missouri has to offer!  We'll also have the story of the couple that rowed their boat 6,500 miles recently...just made landfall in New York this week.    

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS - Boating tips and reminders from BOAT US Foundation President Chris Edmonston...Coast Guard closed Upper Mississippi due to high water and debris...Day of the SeaFarer was this last week and we'll have the story about the 1.5 million that work on the high seas delivering goods around the world...MR340...the Missouri River canoe kayak event takes palce next week and a new entry is 71 year old Ken Wodrich...LOTO Boater offers reward for info in boat stereo equipment theft...details in this segment...along with Lee Greenwood topping off our spirits with his song God Bless the USA

June 28-29, 2014
OPERATION DRY WATER is underway...John Fetterman with NASBLA joins us again with details for boaters heading out on the water this weekend.

Camdenton Air Show is coming in September...early details with Trish Creach, Ex. Dir. Camdenton Area Chamber...we'll also drop back and cover some boating topics in regards to the LOTO Water Safety Council and their programs underway this summer to make boating and being on the water

TOWING/TRAILERING...BOAT US has policies for both...and you will want to hear the details as presented by John Condon with BOAT US Insurance.

Boating song in this segment...Brad Paisley's "Water"...along with some Around the Waterfront news stories.

GRAND GLAIZE SAFE BOATING ASSOCIATION...ever hear of it?  I didn't until a few weeks ago...Lou guy joins me for some conversation about their biggest project...the No Wake Zone on both sides of the Grand Glaize bridge!

June 21-22, 2014 Show audio ready now 6 22 2014 1:32pm
RAIL JAM...what is that?  It's similar to BroStock...but on land!  Ryan Werner of Wake Effects Lake of the Ozarks opens the show with some high flying info on today's event and more to come.

When is a boat an Antique?  Find out with Michael Folsom, Dir of Marketing and Communicatiions for the Antique Boat Museum, Clayton, NY jumps on board with details about their 50th year...and a celebrations, show and sale coming in August.

Support our Troops Poker Run is next Friday, June 27th out of Camden on the Lake...Ed Champion of Midwest Boat tells us the details...still time to sign up...all money raised goes to HEROES CARE...we'll be there and have more for you in the shows ahead.

Shootout in the Park...Aug. 20th as part of the weeklong event.  Tiffany Reimann, chairperson for this committee shares some history of the event...and then updates us on what changes and improvements will be made this year.

COASTIE...the newest "weapon" in the education process being used now by the US Coast Guard Auxillary in the Ozarks.  Former Commander of the 8WR, Dan Maresh (District 8 Western Rivers) a Table Rock resident tells us about this new robotic boat that talks to kids...and adults about boating and water safety!  Coastie even gets to talk in this segment!  He's pretty cool!

June 14, 2014  Audio posted 6 15 2014 6:32pmct
SHOW #195...but who's counting? I am...just completed 975 segments!  Hope you will continue to enjoy the show.  In this segment Father's Day at West a Boat Load!  MarineMax Women on the Water classes coming up...New World Record for Ready, Set, Wear It...six boating tips to keep you safe out on the water...and boat thefts on the rise...lock it up!

KAYAK MEET UP & DEDICATION today at Ha Ha Tonka State Park Spring area...Donna Swall, Executive Director of LOWA tells us all about the ceremony and the special guest...Dir. of State Parks...Bill Bryan.

Lakeside Accommodations at Ozark Yacht Club explained by Sara Clark...Marketing Manager...and the move to the new location is just days away...until during the Moving Sale at the OYC Nautical Shoppe...formerly Ship

FREEDOM BOAT CLUB continues to grow...700 boats...78 locations...and Gery Baar of the Lake of the Ozarks new location comes back to the show with an update on membership...and some new cruisers!

Henry Rudder was employed at HiLift Marina at Grand Lake in Oklahoma some 50+ years ago...and invented the Boat Lift...the HydroHoist Boat LiftJoAnne Clark, Manager of the Missouri Retail Location talks with us about the variety of lifts and equipment available...including their newest products the bumper guards that can be purchased and installed by you....or with your new lift!  Remember...if it's not's not for you!

June 7, 2014 - Audio ready 6/8/2014 2:26pmct
TRIPLE HEADER WEEKEND around Lake of the Ozarks...Lake Race 2014 - BroStock - Canine Cannonball/Dock Dogs...all happening.  We'll have details on what you can see and enjoy...along with some AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS

BOAT US FOUNDATION for Clean Water and Boating Education brings us Amanda Perez...she's got lots of important info to bring you especially in the areas of keeping our waterways clean...and new boating education opportunities.

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS - Various marine stories of interest.

OPERATION DRY WATER is June 27-29 all over America...John Fetterman, Deputy Ex. Director of the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) comes on board with some statistics that show boaters are taking the education seriouly...and then what can you expect this time around.

RENT A BOAT AT IGUANA WATERSPORTS...Brad Cato, rental manager will be with us to explain all about their three locations on LOTO...and what is available...the process...and what they do in the way of boater education prior to sending people out.

May 31, 2014 - audio from the weekend show ready for listening!
GRAND GLAIZE MEMORIAL SERVICE - Capt. Charlie Meyer of Lake Tow BOAT US organized and presented a fitting memorial service that was held above the site of the Grand Glaize capsizing.  The service was held at the approximate time of the accident and as you will hear, there were many in attendance.  Part of the ceremony was dedicated to the actions of Capt. Perry Graham, who due to health reasons could not be there...he was responsible for saving two lives that May 28th, 1954...and was never honored for doing so...until this day.  A memorial wreath was placed over the site...while the Mo. State Proclamation was read.

TROOPS APPRECIATION EVENT at Pier 31 Marina is coming up June 14th and marina owner Bud Simmons joins us to share all the details on this event for military families...details on how to sign up if you are in the military now....and Bud is also looking for more boaters to assist in boat rides for the families this day.

XANTREX TECH DOCTOR is DON WILSON...and let's talk batteries!  When we are aware from shore power...they are the lifeblood of our vessels.  Don will discuss the different kinds of batteries and the new technology in battery charging devices offered by Schneider Electric/Xantrex.

is Sat. June 14th and sailors are invited to get involved to help fund this lake are center that aids children.  Cara Gerdiman is the Executive Director of Kids Harbor Child Advocacy Center...she's got the details and what is needed to prepare for the event.  Want to go sailing?  Get in touch with Sara Clark at

The will be NO No Wake Zone when BroStock returns to Capt. Ron's at the 34 1/2 Mile Marker on June 6-7.  The 4th year for this event at the lake and it continues to grow.  Matt Gleason, spokesperson for Liquid Force comes aboard with some great stories about the athletes that will completing for over $30,000 in prize money!

May 24, 2014 - Grand Glaize Story and more...ready to play...enjoy! 5/24 8:15am
Memorial Day Weekend show - - Lake Race 2014 is just two weeks away and the Willmore Lodge is gearing up as a premier location to watch the more than 30 teams racing that weekend...but space is limited.  Morgan Crainshaw, Marketing Director comes on board with details.  Brad Paisley also has acquired 30 seconds of our show with a special Memorial Day boating safety message!



Wake Board competition will make the No Wake Zone...a Non No Wake Zone as BroStock returns to Captain Ron's the weekend of June 6th and 7th...Matt Gleason with Liquid Force provides some great details and explains how anyone can get up close and meet these athletes at several events in and around the competition...going after prize money over $30,000!

WILDER RV in Clinton can set you up with a new RV Camper for under $20K...yep...Preston Smith will jump on the boat and provde some great info on their operations including service, parts and the need for good used units.

May 17, 2014 - show audio uploaded now 5 18 2014 2:01pm ct
*****Linking issues have caused some listeners to loose their "favorites link" with the show please if you got an error...just type in in your browser and then resave it in your favorites...and thanks.  Sorry about that! 
Heartland Boating Magazine's May issue is out and inside is an interview with yours truely!  Thanks to Brad Kovack for doing the interview and hope you will take a moment to browse the magazine (Link on front page) and the article...Freedom Boat Club is having an open house Sat. May 17 10-3 at their facilites at the BridgeView Marina...Marine Max is have an Expo at their main lake location 3070 Bagnell Dam Blvd to day...10-4...see you there...and tonight...fireworks will light up the night from Iguana Watersports...about 9:15 things will get flashy!
The Santa Maria...yes Columbus's Flagship... has been discovered...after 500 years..Boating Safety Education Classes are coming up...and another Kayak Meet Up will be June 14 with a special ceremony at Ha Ha Tonka...Lighted Boat Parade out of the OYC is Memorial Day is the special feature on the Grand Glaize accident with 6 deaths...May 28, 1954...the whole week!

has opened at Lake of the Ozarks and Gery Baar, Owner is on board with us in this segment to share all...well...almost all of the details on how this not so new concept in boating is now available to us.  Open house Sat. May 17 10-3... or click link on my front page to go right to LOTO location info!

NATIONAL MARINA DAY is June 14th with events happening all over the country.  Nicki Polan, the Executive Director of the Michigan Boating Industry Association joins us with details on the American Boating Congress...and the two biggest problems that Michigan boaters face.

IGUANA WATERSPORTS RENTALS new manager is Brad Cato.  Brad was assisting at Pier 31 Marina for running the rental operations at three locations around LOTO.  Brad climbs aboard the No Wake Zone boat for some details on what's for rent this year!

HEROE'S CARE...this organization has received over $90,000 in the last 6 years from boaters who participate in the upcoming Support Our Troops Poker Run June 27th.  Jon Jerome, is President and CEO...he's got the story...and another...and another about how they help military families...and how the boaters have helped the entire effort.

May 10, 2014 show - audio ready to play 5 10 2014 8:15am ct
Impressions of Harbor lakeside restaurant...and Marine Max is on the road again taking the boats to St. Louis and then a boaters trip to Warsaw...and more.  Frank Svobada, Sales Manager comes on board to fill in the details.

NATIONAL SAFE BOATING WEEK kicks off May 16th with Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day...and then continues for a week.  Rachael Johnson, Ex. Dir. of the National Safe Boating Council joins us for some discussion on this topic.  Don't forget to "selfie" you in your life jacket at or post to Facebook...and to the Lake of the Ozarks Water Safety Council via email to

LAKE RACE 2014 is getting bigger as each day passes...Mike Shepherd, Beavers On the Lake has lots of details and new information about this event coming back to the Bagnell Dam area June 6-7-8.

A Life Jacket comes alive and tells you their story...another Grand Glaize Boating accident tease for the entire story coming up Memorial Day weekend...and Product Review and Installation of the new Xantrex True Charge 2 Battery Charging System...check on the pictures and watch for the video to follow.

BOAT US ANGLER program and Brand Manager Steve Levi comes back to the show with lots of details about the special opportunities this program brings to anglers around the country.  Catch this segment!

May 3, 2014 - show audio avail now for listening - 5 4 2014 3:08pm ct

HARBOR HOP SATURDAY! This segment will feature a boating song...Boats by Kenny Chesney...along with Around the Waterfront News - Lighted Boat Parade on Memorial Day Weekend at the Ozark Yacht Club...Mo State Highway Patrol is restructuring to cover more of the Lake and the 3 counties around 4 new Donzi Center Console patrol boats will be adding to the fleet as well. Ready, Set wear It and Wear Your Life Jacket to Work day is coming up in conjunction with National Safe Boating Week.  Coast Guard warns about faulty "snap hooks" on some life jackets...check yours before getting out on water.

Do you have an unregistered boat sitting in the garage or back yard?  You are likely to receive a letter from the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation urging you to send in your registration fee...Frank Peterson, Pres/CEO will join us with details on how they are taking action to bring in money to states. Get more info now at

BOATUS TOWING/TRAILER ASSIST are two great programs offered to boaters and John Condon VP Towing Services will come aboard to provide details on how these two programs can benefit you money and frustration.

Motor your boat to the Bridal Cave?  You Bet...boat docks are open and ready for visitors at the Lake of the Ozarks original tourism attraction.  Steve Thompson will be with us with lots of info...and yes...people do get married there.  Plus the story of the Grand Glaize capsizing on May 28, 1954...six dead...two saved by the Captain...and one never found.  We'll tease this story...but the full story is coming up Memorial Day weekend.  Listen as Captain Charlie Meyer explains part of the story...and the mystery of the dissappearance of the newly wed couple...never found.

Boating season is getting a big start with great weather and Cp. Jay Riley of the Water Patrol Division of the Mo. State Highway Patrol was in our studios talking with David Lee, News Director at KDKD/KXEA about all kinds of topics...from boating safety and education what patrol officers look for before stopping a vessel...and lots more. 

April 26, 2014 - Hear the segments now...uploaded 4 27 2014 6:55pm
HARBOR HOP is coming up May 3rd at Lake of the Ozarks...Heather Brown of the CVB joins us again with details.  Then...If you missed the April In Water Boat worries...Bob's Boat Show AfterGlow will fill in the blanks...with interviews in this segment from JoAnn Clark of Hydro Hoist Boat Lifts...and Capt. Dave Anderson with Tow Boat US.

BOAT SHOW AFTERGLOW continues in this part of the show with interviews with Tim Shields, GM with Ozark Yacht Club, Dave Hotz, owner of Dock Realty and the Dock Life Guard System...and Jason Taylor with Ugly John's.

Do you know about the HIN? It's the Hull Identification Number that is on the stern of your boat...and every boat.  There are some changes coming...for better in regards to boat thefts...and Tom Marhevko, VP of the National Marine Manufacturers Association Engineering Standards Department tells us how this change was started and what is going to happen now.

BOAT US FOUNDATION and Susan Shingledecker the VP tells us about spills...and the many products that they have tested for boaters and marinas to help keep the environment clean...and protect us from EPA lawsuits!

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS - In light of the recent sinking of the ferry boat in South Korea...So how many cruise/passenger ships have sunk since 1979?  Bob will highlight a few...some you may have heard about...others no.  Plus Ready Set Wear It is coming up along with Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day all part of National Safe Boating Week beginning May 17th...Boat Ramp Etiquette...yes...we need to be reminded on how to act launching and reloading our boats...Virtual Trainer set to be used by the Power Squadrons later this year...and a story for Kayakers about 5,000 miles from Europe to Florida! He did it all by himself...

April 19, 2014 - Audio from show right here...right now...listen anytime.posted 3:43 ct 4 20 2014
SAVE by Clicking the West Marine Banner on my home page - $15 off $200 with promo code WMAFF...
We will also hear about the Piranha Props with President of the company..Brad Stahl.  These "breakaway" bladed props are unique and Brad will explain their design...ease of changing out...and the money you can save over other props...without loss of performance. 

Capt. Clint Robert of the Log Recovery Team/DreadKnots has Piranha Props as their offical prop...check them out on the History Channel.  Web link for more on River Log Team!

NATIONAL SAFE BOATING WEEK is May 17-23 with lots of activities planned for that week...and Rachael Johnson, Executive Director of the National Safe Boating Council comes on board with all the details.  I'm going to be wearing my life jacket to work...get details and join me...take a Selfie...and send it in!

MIDWESTBOATPARTY.COM presents the Support our Troops Poker Run in June and Ed Champion teams up with Bob to tell about the organizations beginnings...and details of this event that raises lots of money for HEROS...more details in this segment. We've covered this event for four years now and it keeps growing.

BOAT INSURANCE...Many of us don't think much about it until the renewal notice comes...or we have an accident or some damage is caused to our boat.  Now is the time to learn  more about how BOAT US Marine Insurance is quite different that what you may be used to.  Becky Reinaker, Assistant VP, Underwriting will share with lots some great info on their wide range of policies...and how easy it is to get coverage...and how fast they respond when there is a crisis!

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS - April IN Water Boat Show is this weekend at Dog Days...Lake of the Ozarks with Bob broadcasting live Friday.  In other news...two product tests/reviews are underway...Davis Rail Light...and the new Reflective Dock Lines from Shakespeare.  In other news...a boating fatality last week is 1st for LOTO...Boating Education Classes for Missouri boaters are scheduled, we'll have the list...Message in a bottle found 101 years after it wa launched...Granddaughter is amazed...Crew from the WWI USS Razorback goes aboard their sub for repairs and a week of getting back together...US Navy cristens the first of three USS Zumwalt STEALTH Warship....

April 12, 2014 - show audio now ready for listening...thanks for stopping by.
LOMDA APRIL IN WATER BOAT SHOW with Mike Kenegy, Executive Director...and Chad Crouch with Marine Max talking about what they will be showing and selling at the show April 18-19-20 at Dog Days Lake of the Ozarks.  Join Bob there during the show...and listen for live remote on Friday afternoon...opening day!

Boating Scams...don't be taken when buying...or selling a boat.  Charles Fort, Boat US Consumer Affairs Director joins the show to discuss some recent scams that have been showing up...and some older ones that still catch innocent people. 

Marine Max "Western Command" opens in Laurie, MO...on the West Side...and David Paisley is the Manager.  Bob caugh up with him and found out more about the location...and the drawing underway to win a Sea Ray 190 Sport...a $40,000 boat that is to be drawn before the 4th of July!

Naming your boat...and then getting that name in Graphics for the stern is what Heather Lougheed, Dir. of Membership with BOAT US will be discussing with Bob in this segment. 

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS - Two product reviews are underway-Reflective Dock Lines from Shakespeare...and the Davis Instruments Rail Light Premium...reports soon.  Also the Great Lakes finally get some dredging aboard in winter in Boston Harbor-a story by Jeremy Fox Boston Globe...Naming and Christening your boat-how and when did it start...and what are the customs surrounding it...Neil Armstrong gets his name on a vessel that is Christened by his widow...and finally it has happened...a boater can't figure out why their new boat won't get up on will not believe this one!

April 5, 2014 - show audio posted and ready for listening 12:24pm 4 6 2014
"Western Command" reopens...Marine Max Lake of the Ozarks celebrates the opening of the Laurie location and listeners can register to win a Sea Ray 190...Plus the Brad Smith Memorial Poker Run is coming to Grand Lake in NE Oklahoma.  Jeremy Mullins of Ugly Johns Thunder Bay Marina will provide details and some background on this new event.

Lake Havasu Boat Show is the largest in the SW...and Bob Brown, Operations/Marketing Manager shares details on the show...some very interesting features are included in the show....taking place next weekend.

TITANIC PART 2 with Cdr. Dick Patton...can you believe that when the Titanic struck the iceberg...they did know there exact position?  And what about the Captain of the ship...was he fit to be in command?  Answers...maybe...listen in as we approach the anniversary of the April 15, 1912 sinking.

BOAT US MEMBERSHIP feature with Dir. of Membership Heather Lougheed...she has lots to tell us about the many...many benefits of joining the over 500,000 members.

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS...New interactive simulator is up and running by the US Power Squadron...Missouri's Water Patrol offering Boater Education Classes...Check your Buoys as many have moved from their assigned locations and who to notify for replacement...inventor of the HOBIE has died...Hobert "Hobie" Alter passed away last week at 81...are you helping to spread Invasive Species?  Story out of Minnesota says that only 1 in 5 boaters is breaking the law now...and Boston Whaler is expanding and adding 46 new full time jobs.

March 29, 2014 - audio links uploaded as of 12:32pm 3/30/2014
SPRING-APRIL IN THE WATER BOAT SHOW at Lake of the Ozarks presented by the LOTO Marine Dealers Association and their new Executive Director Mike Kenegy joins us with all the details...coming off the successful St. Charles Show.

17th Annual SPRING HARBOR HOP at Lake of the Ozarks is coming in early May and Heather Brown...Dir. of member Services with and the LOTO CVB comes aboard with details...when and much...and a bit of history about this event, too.

TITANIC HISTORY...some stories you may have never heard before in Part 1 of our interivew with Cdr. Dick Patton...a marine investigator for years...communications breakdowns, more people in lifeboats, the Captains qualifications?  Very interesting stuff about the sinking of the Titanic...April 15, 1912.

WATER SAFETY DAY at Lake of the Ozarks as presented by the LOTO Water Safety Council...Trish Creah, Chairperson gives details on the newest program "Life Jacket Zone" and an update on "Think before you sink...designate a captain".

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS....and a great boating song by Styx in our final segment this week.

March 22, 2014 - Show audio uploaded 3 23 2014 6 23pm.
  Thanks for checking out the dock box!
ST. PAT'S DAY BOAT PARADE AND BLESSING OF THE FLEET...Guests include Pamela Lanier of the Ozark BBQ...Dana with the Lake West Chamber...Bill Long and family from Overland Park...and Father Pat issuing the Blessing of the Fleet!

MarineMax Marina Marketing Manager Tawney Daggett comes on board with lots of details on this tour of the MarineMax complex...main building, docks, service and storage, gas dock and parties/events that are part of being a MarineMax customer.

It was buried for decades...but the Steamship Heroine has come back to life in the Oklahoma Musuem in OK City...David Davis, Director of Exhibits shares the story of the discovery of this vessel that sank in the Red River in 1838...and what you will see when you visit the museum.

"Run Wild Across America with your Wilder RV"...pulling your boat, of course!  Preston Smith of Wilder RV in Clinton, Missouri fills us in on what campers/RV'ers need to be doing to get ready for that first pull of the year.  He will also provide some info on a very special event coming early April!

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS...Truman Lake Visitors Center new open for the season at Warsaw...Spring Break boating accident sends one to the hospital and one to jail on BUI charges...will the Captain Larry Don be raised...another ship, the Big Bear Pirate Ship has the same fate...will crews be able to bring these to iconic vessels back to the surface? and the Stop Aqutic Hitchhikers Partner in Action this month is from Minnesota...and finally we have three marine industry obits...Mack Maloney, CDR John Hamma and "Bo" Callaway...details on them in this segment...along with a famous song about a boat sung by John Denver.

March 15, 2014 - audio ready for your listening pleasure! 3/16/2014 2:57pm
MISSOURI CLEAN STREAMS TEAMS celebrating 25 years of volunteer efforts at removing trash and debris from our waterways...Amy Meier, MDC Fisheries Biologist comes on board with details on their efforts...and how they are celebrating this milestone.

BOAT US FOUNDATION's Amanda Perez talks with us about the boating education opportunities that the Foundation provides.


Missouri State Highway Patrol Water Patrol's Lt. Clardy spoke recently at the Lake of the Ozarks Water Safety Council meeting and provided the group with some details on drowings and boating fatalities from 2013...and talked about their efforts to curtain "BUI" around the lake and waterways of the state.

March 8, 2014 - Audio ready to play as of 3/9/2:24pm Daylight Savings Time!
Coming off the Lake West Chamber Business Expo that was a great success...Join us for the Lake's Products and Services Show this weekend...Country Club Hotel on HH Lake Ozark...9-5 Saturday.  Register for some great prizes.  What do The Beatles and Cigarette have in common?  Look at the front page...and listen to the show!

What do 60 different groups with over 800 volunteers do each Spring and Fall at Lake of the Ozarks? They clean up the shorelines!  Bryan Vance, Coordinator of the Adopt-A-Shoreline program joins us with details on this effort beginning next week and running for a month in preparation for the upcoming boating season.

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS - The Beatles and Cigarette...great story from 50 years ago.  Mercury Marine wins a state award...NMMA releases info on how many recreational boats are registered in Missouri and Illinois and we were surprized by the number...before you start it up, check the equipment out and we have a few things to look over on our checklist...Springfield Marine owner Carnahan dies...and Winter Weather Snow Storms damage marinas and boats in Texas and Arkansas.

The oldest Marina in the country is where?  Neil Ross, Marina Historian who writes for the Marina Dock Age Magazine will come on board with some stories of how Docks...and Marinas got started in America...and he's share some inside stories about the oldest marinas in the US.

Six months out is not too soon to be talking about the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout!  So we catch up with Ron Duggan (Captain Ron as he's known) and get the early news about plans for the August 23-24 event.  Some improvements will take place in some of the weeklong activities surrounding the races...and the real purpose of the event will also be major change will be the Mini Shootout that is being moved.  The biggest question is how will this years event top the 25th.

March 1, 2014 - Audio posted for your listening pleasure on demand...

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS...a variety of stories of interest to boaters everywhere...Boating Education Classes by Missouri Water Patrol and the US Sail & Power Squadron Kansas City...Fire in Marina in Washington destroys at least 7 boats...cause not determined...

Over 600 plungers... raised $208,000...had to get wet doing it...the Polar Plunge at Lake of the Ozarks Afterglow is in this segment...featuring Crystal Schuster of Special Olympics Missouri...two Plungers...and the Polar Bear Oath!  Some fun...great people for a great cause.

Don't start that marine engine until you have tested the fuel...great advise from Gail Macri of Fuel Test Kit dot com. Gail will be with us for two segments's part one.

Fuel Test Kit...Part two. - click link on front page SAVE 10% with promo coupon code NO WAKE ZONE

Sell it a boat..."Leap of Faith" author Ed Robinson joins us with his story of leaving the corporate world behind...and living aboard in Florida.

February 22, 2014 - Audio ready now 1:10pm cst 2/23/2014
POLAR PLUNGE DAY..."All the snow is gone...and the Ice is melting...." AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS...Boating Education Classes, 73rd Birthday of the Coast Guard Reserves, Louisana boating fatalities down due to several factors, Captain of HMS Bounty blamed for sinking, Founder of Cabela's dies this week and Minnesota is the Partner in Action for   

BOATING EDUCATION CLASSES are beginning around Missouri and Sergeant Bill Lowe with MSHP Water Patrol Division our of Lee's Summit will talking about the importance of taking the classes...and some other great info about boating safety.

BOAT SHOW AFTERGLOW...from the Overland Park Boat Show Connie Weyer with Advance Marine and US Coast Guard Aux. Detachment Commander Lake Perry, Michael Tanner will be on with us.  Some great info in these two segments!

TALL SHIPS are magnificent...and you can see some of the best up close when the 2014 Tall Ships Festival opens in Los Angeles...Craig Samborski, event organizer will join us to provide some great info on what's happening to the Post of LA...and with this August 2014 event.

OSS LAKE RACE 2014 is coming to Lake of the Ozarks...with more racing boats already signed up...and more to follow.  Wendy White is the Executive Director of the Lake Area Chamber...and the Volunteer Coordinator for the event...she's joining us with lots of great info about this June event centered around the Bagnell Dam Strip area...along with a few miles of water from the Dam!

February 15, 2014 - audio uploaded for your listening enjoyment 2/16 8:22amcst
PRESIDENTIAL BOATERS...Washington and Lincoln used boats...but how? Polar Plunge is next Saturday...will it be an ice skating party or a real dunk?  Boating Education Classes update...Eagle Scout life jacket loaner project helps to save lives...15 Year Old girl in Scotland volunteers to drive rescue boat..."911 on docks" is a law in Missouri...what does it mean and how could it help you?  Brunswick Corporation schedules USPS for employee training.

LAKE WEST CHAMBER New Executive Director, Karie Maasan will be our guest to tell us her story of success working on the west side...then giving details about the March 15th St. Pat's Day Boat Parade and the upcoming March 1st Business Expo.

ST. LOUIS BOAT & SPORTSHOW begins at the end of the month and Show Manager Mark Adams comes on board with lots of details and some surprises that will be enjoyed by all that attend

LOTO BUSINESS CONFERENCE with Trish Creach, Ex. Dir. Camdenton Chamber with details on why Lake area businesses should participate and/or attend. 

MARINE MAX "BOAT CRAWL" is this weekend and Frank Svobada, Sales Manager tells us that this new event ties in with the LOTO Pub Crawl...where some 8,000 poeple are expected to visit the lake area on Saturday.  Frank will also share some info about the marina facilities, spring commissioning, and their upcoming two boat shows.
BOAT SHOW AFTERGLOW will also feature PDQ Marine and Glencove Marina with interviews from the Overland Park Boat Show which took place back in January.

February 8, 2014 - audio segments ready for your listening enjoyment 2/9 1:32pm cst
OPENING show segment

MORE BOAT SHOW AFTERGLOW from the Overland Park Boat Show - Lake of the Ozarks Marine Dealers Association show...featuring MarineMax with Frank Svobada and the new GM Mark Higdon...Capt. Dave Ansderson with Lake Tow BOAT US...and Pete Zimmerman with Paradise Upholstery.

ETHANOL UPDATE - We'll have Nicole Wood with BOAT US Government Affairs on board to update us on what's happening with the E-10/E15 issues...

WATER SAFETY DAY is coming up April 4th at Lake of the Ozarks...Trish Creach, chairperson for the LOTO Water Safety Council will tell us about the efforts of this all volunteer group and their plans to make 2014 the safest year on the lake.

PFDMA...Personal Floatation Device Manufactures Association Chairman Wayne Walters will be our guest in the final segment to discuss what their organization does...and he's share some vaulable info on the new inflatable jackets...hypothermia...and more.

February 1, 2014 - Audio from show ready for 2/1 9:23am
TULSA BOAT SHOW continues...FREE Romantic Weekend Contest announced by Ozark Yacht Club...Super Bowl Weekend driving advisory issued...Water Patrol offering Boater Education Classes...

BOAT SHOW AFTERGLOW - Overland Park Boat Show pesented by the Lake of the Ozarks Marine Dealers Association...featured with interviews...JoAnne Clark with Hydro Hoist Boat Lifts...and From the Ozark Yacht Club, Sara Clark will describe the store and some details about the new location under construction.

UNITED STATES POWER SQUADRON 100th Birthday!  Chief Commander John Alter will come aboard with conversation about the past year of services that the USPS units around the country have provided...and what they are working on now going forward into the next 100 years.

SOUTHWEST INTERNATIONAL BOAT SHOW at Clear Lake, TX outside of Houston will be getting underway in March.  Peter Bryant, President will join us with early details on what the show will feature including some added exhibitors in the electronic areas and added seminars yet to be announced.

BOAT SHOW AFTERGLOW Kansas City Boat and Sport Show featuring interviews with Ty Jones...Jones Brothers Marine, Nancy Young with Five Start Houseboat Rentals, Tad and Ben from Fred's Shed...and Dan Robinson, GM at Lucas Oil Speedway and Drag Boat Track.

Saturday, January 25, 2014 - Audio ready to play 1/26/14 3:44pm cst
BOAT SHOW WEEKEND! It's a double header...Overland Park and Bartel Hall...and we covered them both with live broadcasts.  100 years ago this date nations agreed on the terms of the International Convention on Safety at a result of what happened to the Titanic...Missouri Water Patrol has 4 boating education classes organized and it's time to sign up...Top Marina Awards announced by Marina Dock Age Magazine...60 years ago the USS Nautilus (SSN-571) was launched...and the casket was taken to the cemetary in his boat...
OYC Ship Shop announces Valentine's Contest...


TITANIC MUSEUM BRANSON with Founder Mary Kellogg.  Mary and her husband founded and built the museum which is now a landmark in Branson, Mo...but how did it come to be?  Mary will tell us the story and about something new they have added this year. - what is it?

TITANIC HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Ray Lepien, Past Vice President of the Society comes on board with more stories about the great ship and why the Society was formed...and what they do today. - Need a dock or lift...selling one?

TULSA BOAT SHOW is underway on Monday, January 27th and Jennifer Maricle joins us with details on one of America's Largest Indoor Boat and Sport Shows...460,000 square feet of everything! - sales and service - Run wild across America!

Saturday, January 18, 2014 - audio will be uploaded Monday noon
Eagles are still in Missouri with last weekends 500+ attending the Truman Lake event...and this weekend Springfield will be holding events...details.

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS includes Donations from Lake Race 2013 were presented to various civic groups this week by Wendy White of the committee.  Another "Partners in Action" from Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers is named...and it's Boat Show Time in Kansas the Kansas City Boat & Sport Show and the Overland Park Boat Show both start on Thursday the 23rd...some details provided.  and for details now.

If you don't like the weather...we've all read that this segment Andy Bailey, Meterologist with the National Weather Service, Pleasant Hill, MO. joins us to talk Lightening...predictions, how to watch the weather from your boat...and some new apps and alerts that can help you while you're out on the water.  Spring is not far away, so brush up on some things to know about cloud formations and how to get updated info...

POLAR PLUNGE is starting and Crystal Schuster of Special Olympics Missouri comes back on the show with last minute details on how to put a team together and about the Super Plunge!  Lake of the Ozarks Plunge is Feb 22nd...

TECHNIQUE-CONTROL-SAFETY- all part of learning how to operate a boat...but, what about a high performance boat?  Tres Martin, owner of the Tres Martin Performance Boat School joins us to talk about his hands-on education programs for anyone getting into high speed boating...75mph...125mph...and more...

Saturday, January 11, 2014 - Audio posted 1 12 2014 5pm
$15,500 raised in the Deck the Docks Cruises for the Dogwood Animal Shelter...Dave Hotz from Dock Realty gives details...It's Eagle Day at Truman Lake and Erin Cordrey, Park Ranger will provide info...and Boat Shows abound...we'll have some more info and it is ICY! !  Some Icy stories will follow today in the show!

Lake of the Ozarks Marine Dealers Association incoming Executive Director is Mike Kenegy...he will be telling us about the upcoming Overland Park Boat Show, Jan 23-26 where people will be able to see many new boats and products for lake living.

Marine Max Lake of the Ozarks will be presenting several brand new...never before seen boat models at the Overland Park Convention Center during the OVP Boat Show and Frank Svobada, Sales Manager comes on board with Bob to share that detail.

SeaLife Kansas City Aquarium's Elizabeth Mathews will tell us about this facility located in Crown Center...and about their appearance at the Kansas City Boat and Sport Show.  Squid that sounds interesting!

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS with Eric Cordrey, USAC of Engineers at Truman Lake with all the details on the Jan. 11th (today) happenings for Eagle Day!  And...Ice...Ice...Ice...everywhere...two ships get stuck and the US Coast Guard is called in...or are they...and the Truman Lake canoe trip scheduled by Johnny Adams was cancelled due to ice...we'll keep you posted on this fund raising trip/adventure!

Saturday, January 4, 2014... Audio ready
Welcome to the first show of 2014...It's EAGLE DAYS at Lake of the Ozarks...Truman Lake next Saturday.  This very cold weather has made the water in Lake of the Ozarks very, very cold...let's have a POLAR PLUNGE...some details in this segment...more at

Kansas City Boat & Sport Show is January 23-26th at Bartle Hall in downtown KC...Mark Adams is the Show Manager and he tells us about what to expect this year at the 60th Annual Show!  New features include SeaLife KC...and how to cook and eat Asian Carp!

Boat insurance made easy...Brian Getty, Underwriting with BOAT US Insurance comes back on with us to talk about the plans available...along with some great tips when you buy a new boat...or have that renewal notice awaiting a decision.

BOAT SHOW CALENDAR...January is full of shows from coast to coast...Bob will run down all of the January shows, locations, dates, and a web site that lists them all with links out to each event.

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS...TOP 100 Boat Dealers released from and several are in our backyards...congrats to them for ranking so high.  Did you hear about the 55 scientists and researchers trapped in ice in the antartica...for several days...even the ships that tried to rescue them got stuck...finally all off by helicopter...Oh yes...they were studying global warming. Missouri Water Patrol is beginning their boating education classes on Feb. 8th...we'll have details...Dock owners around Lake of the Ozarks and other lakes that draw down their water levels...should be checking their docks daily...The US Sail and Power Squadran celebrates 100 years on Feb. 1st...the Kansas city chapter is busy...and Mike Feeney will be missed.  He passed away at 91...but people will remember his calm voice on the end of the VHF radio along the New Jersey coast...he talked with distressed boaters and helped to keep them calm until TowBoatUS arrived.

Saturday, December 28, 2013 - Last show of the year!  Happy New Year

Thanks to all of the marine businesses for their sponsorship and support of the show this past year...and thanks to the listeners far and wide that join me dockside each week for discussions on our favorite topic!  
This segment also features AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS.

Dock #2 on Lake of the Ozarks...where was it still there?  What about the tour boat/ferry boat called the Governor McClurg?  Lake historian Mike Gillespie passed away more than a year ago now...but we go into the archives for this history lesson...Bridge Port Marina...still there and more.

EAGLE DAYS around our Missouri Lakes gets underway next Morgan Crainshaw with the Lake Area Chamber and Erin Cordrey, Park Ranger with the US Army Corps of Enginers Truman Lake both come on board to tells us details about the next two weekends activities.

46 MILE CANOE TRIP...TRUMAN LAKE...BEGINNING ON NEW YEARS DAY?  Yep...that's what Johnny Adams is doing to help raise money for a child from Warsaw...hear his story...what he has done in the past...and how you can help out. 

Winter around any lake can be boring...but the upcoming Lake Products and Services Show at the Country Club Hotel in Lake Ozark will warm you up and get you ready to de-winterize!  Trish Creach, Ex. Dir. of the Camdenton Chamber fills us in on the details.

Saturday, December 21, 2013 - audio up 12/22 1:28pm
Have you seen the Delta Queen?  It's not missing...listen to find out the story!  Stop Aquatic salutes the December Partner in Action...Troops Appreciation Day is today...details so active and just retired military and families can enjoy a celebration...presented by Mariner Pier 31 at Lake of the Ozarks...
Plus some great Christmas Music in this segment!

Have you heard the new Radio Station?  It's LakeofThe radio that can be listened to on your cell phone or Managing Partner Dave Raaf and GM Michelle Cook come aboard to share the details on the idea behind this...and how it can provide lots of info about what's happening around the lake community.  You'll also hear more about Eagle Days coming up the first weekend in January.

NASBLA...the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators presented Bob with the Public Service Award for ongoing boating safety coverage on the shows...highlight of the year for the show and we thank you.  More around the Waterfront News here, too.  New feature...Nautical Terms explained...presented by the OYC Ship Shop.  This week...Moored and the explaination of underway, making way or not making way.
Merry Christmas to you and thank you so much for making an appointment to be with us each week. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013 -
Want to become a professional Mariner or have more confidence in piloting your boat? World Wide Marine Training is holding classes in Missouri in early 2014...we'll have some details...and have you seen the new Sea ray 350 SLX open bow?  

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS - Last minute nautical gift ideas from Bob including Sheex, DogsAhoy and BoatNameGear where you can save 10% off...listen for Promo codes to order in time for Christmas.  FOUR WINNS owner passes away...Charlie Winn, founder of the company has died at the age of 70...we'll have a bit of information on him and his love for boating and the water.

Let's Take a Dip!  POLAR PLUNGE is coming up next month and into February around Missouri...and the Lake of the Ozarks water temp has be going down...sharply in the last few weeks.  Crystal Schuster of Missouri Special Olympics joins us with details on how you can be involved to help raise money for the organization.  Are you up for the Super Plunge?

LOMDA's new incoming Executive Director is Mike Kenegy.  He's up to speed on the 2014 Boat Show plan for the Lake of the Ozarks dealers and will have all the details...get your 2014 calendars we'll also give you a dozen or more Boat Shows around the country you may want to attend as well.

What is Under Lake of the Ozarks?  Have you ever wondered as you are cruising down the lake what might have been there before the lake was filled?  We go to the Archives and bring our an interview with Mike Gillespie who passed away a year or so ago...and hear his accurate information from research about a few areas of the lake.  Fact or Lore?  Mike will give us the answers!

Saturday, December 7, 2013 -  audio on demand! Sorry for the streaming problems on the live feed Saturday...thanks for coming back to listen!

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS - Troop Appreciation Day announced by Mariner Pier 31 for next Saturday...Farewell to Major Tommy Roam of the Water Patrol Division and thanks for all you've done to help the LOTO Water Safety Council...Lighted Boat Parades are going on tonight and over the next few weeks, details here...Lowe Boats out of Lebanon, MO awards world's largest dealer...Female becomes Coast Guards Newest Surfman and it took her 7 years to earn a spot in this elite group...and looking for a good book to read over the winter?  Imperfect Michael Cosgrove...I'll be reporting on it over the next few weeks as I dive into it on these long winters evenings...

CHICAGO'S CHRISTMAS SHIP story Part II with the crew and Commander of the US Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw.  We'll hook up with them via satellite phone for interviews with crew members Ryan Alderman, Jenifer Lopez, Ryan Duguay and the Commander, Mike Davanzo.  They'll talk with us and share their thoughts as they bring 1200 christmas trees to the Navy Pier on this date...and what it means to them to be part of this 100+ year event.  It's also Pearl Harbor Day and we'll have some details and thoughts from the Commander on that as well in this segment. Special thanks to LTJG Katharine Braynard for helping to arrange the interviews while underway!

See an Eagle really up close! Morgan Crainshaw, Marketing Director at the Lake Area Chamber of Commerce comes aboard with details about the five different areas around the Bagnell Dam Lake of the Ozarks to catch some Eagles up close during Eagle Days.  You'll not want to miss Jan 4-5, 2014 and these events.

2014 is just around the bend...and the Camdenton Area Chamber's Executive Director Trish Creah will join us to talk about the March Products and Services Show...and the 2014 return of the Air Show to the Camdenton Airport. 

Saturday, November 30, 2013 - audio NOW available!
CAFRAMO ENGINE ROOM HEATER UPDATE - BRRRRRR-10 Degree morning put the unit to the test...what was the engine room temp at 6am?

Marine Max at Lake of the Ozarks has had another great sales year...Frank Svobada, Sales Manager tells us about 2013 sales...and provides a look ahead to the 2014 1st quarter boat show plans.

Dogwood Animal Shelter is the benefactor of the money raised on the Deck the Docks cruises which begin Friday after Thanksgiving...Donna Morris from the Shelter tells us about the history and growth of the facility in Osage Beach...and how anyone can help.  Help?  Yes...they need volunteers, too for the Shelter and to help aboard the Celebration.

CHICAGO'S CHRISTMAS SHIP  (Part I) story will warm your heart and told by Captain Dave Truitt, Program Chairman for the commitee of 15,000 volunteers that help needy families in the Chicago area...with the help of the US Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw.  

Missouri is the perfect place to see Eagles...December thru February they are quite visable especially with Eagle Days events going on.  Bill Graham, Media Specialist with the Mo. Department of Conservation joins the show with dates and details.

Saturday, November 23, 2013 - audio avail as of 11/23 2:35pm
AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS Pt 1 - Gifts under $25 from BOAT US...beat the Black Friday rush...drunk boater kills friend...trial being held and does your state provide a tax refund for your boat fuel?  Find out when Bob shares the story with you and provides a link to see if your state participates.

Sailor, author, boat show enthusiast...Chief Content Officer...Robin Coles comes back on the show to talk about her research for the book 127 Top Tips and fall boat shows.

Benefactors Cruise for the benefit of the Dogwood Animal Shelter is set for Dec 4th...Capt. Jules Albin of Dock Realty provides details on this nearly sold out event.

Winterizing...hate that word and what it means...the end of the boating season...but wait!
Caframo has just sent to West Marine Stores...the new PALI 400 Watt Engine Room Heater...I've installed one...and will share the report in this segment.  It does provide some added protection and certainly could extend your seasons on both ends of winter...see pictures now up the home page...thanks the Jeff Bond for sending along. and all offer special discounts to Bob's listeners...hear details...Bob's Review of Captain Phillips...then additional Around the Waterfront News PT 2- Pirate gets 19 Life Sentences for killing four American's back in 2011...Tulsa, Oklahoma's John Deselms is due back in court for the trail involving his alleged drunken operation of a boat on Grand Lake that rammed the rear of a docked houseboat...that killed two occupants.  Plus the EPA draws back on the Ethanol fuel standards and how you should treat your E-10 fuel going into winter...and NOAA is discontinuing the printing of Nautical Charts.  This doesn't mean much to us inland boaters...but it will surely make cruising more difficult on some waters.

Saturday, November 16, 2013 - Listen now...sorry for the delay.
AROUND THE WATER FRONT NEWS - Sailboat delivers good to New York - first time in 60 years! No payments until 2014 from MMax Lake of the Ozarks...Lucas Lake annonces 2014 schedule of races.

Over 6,000 law enforcement officers from 513 local, state and federal agencies joined forces for Operation Dry did it go...what were the results?  John Fetterman, is the Director of Law Enforcement for the National Association of Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) and he joins Bob with all the details.

DECK THE DOCKS CRUISES - See the many decorated homes and boat docks on the Celebration Cruises coming up at Lake of the Ozarks...Capt. Jules Albin comes back on the show with details...all to benefit the Dogwood Animal Shelter.

New online boating education courses have been announced thru a partnership of the United States Power Squadron and the BOAT US FoundationAndy Sumberg is the Staff Commander and member of the Education Outreach Committee with details on the conversion of class room new On Line versions.

Lake west Chamber Ex. Dir. Mike Kenegy is wearing two hats right he is also the incoming Ex. Dir for the LOMDA...Lake of the Ozarks Marine Dealers Association.  Mike and Bob outline the upcoming March 1st Lake West Business Expo and the 2014 Boat Show lineup...including a new show added to the schedule.

Saturday, November 9, 2013 - show audio can now be heard - 11/10 1:26pm
Vet's Day weekend program with USS IOWA open house for Veteran's in opening segment...

Last Call...for OUPV Coast Guard Approved Training Class to be held at the Resort at Port Arrowhead/Lake of the Ozarks...Capt. Matt Hahn will come back to the show with details on the spaces available for class beginning Dec. 5th.

"You're as cold as ice..." The water temperature at Lake of the Ozarks is still in the 60's...but on February will be much...much colder when the annual Polar Plunge takes raise money for Special Olympics.  Crystal Schuster, of Missouri Special Olympics joins us with all the details.

Aquatic Hitchhikers...those Invasive Species that are showing up all over the waterways is a focus of and Pat Conzemius, Conservation Director comes on board to discuss their efforts...and the efforts of partners to stop the spread.

Around the Waterfont News...Blackbeard's Pirate Ship was found...and several cannons have been brought to the surface...Need Christmas Cards with a Nautical Theme?  We'll tell you where to get them.  Jerrod Daugherty is the funniest comedian in Branson...his salute to Veteran's is part of our Lee Greenwood sings "God Bless the USA" to wrap up the show.
Remember Veteran's on Monday, Nov. 11th.

Saturday, November 2 show audio ready to listen...11/3 3:02pm ct

Boat Quote from Mark Twain...Another "build my own boat" story...this one out of Lake Michigan-18 years of work for this moment!  Hero boater drowns...and One Year after Hurricane Superstorm Sandy...

Earn your Captain's License with the OUPV Class coming to Lake of the Ozarks beginning Dec. if you like Nautical...then you're going to love the Ozark Yacht Club's Nautical Store on Bagnell Dam Blvd...and On Line.  Sara Clark, Marketing Manager comes on board with details.

Matt Chem Marine makes Eco-Friendly boating cleaning products.  Bob uses some in his fall cleanup before winterizing...and has this Product Review.  Plus...Winterizing is upon us all in many parts of the country...the Coast Guard Compass reports on some vital things to do and look for as you prepare for the layup.

Wildlife Forever congratulates the latest Partner in Action against Invasive Species...Kim Bogenschutz, the Invasive Species Program Coordinator comes on the show from Boone, Iowa DNR, to talk about what they are doing to help cut down on the spread of various kinds of creatures.

We don't generally cover events at Golf Courses...but this one has special interest as it means more people will get to experience Lake of the Ozarks...Old Kinderhook just outside of Camdenton, Mo...announces a new Hotel Complex...and yes...they have a marina so you can head up the Big Niangua to get there...Bob Renken, Ex. Dir. is featured in this segment...and the entire ceremony can be heard at the top of this weeks show segments.

Saturday, October 26 - show audio posted 10/27 1:25pm
Around the Waterfront News:
Winners of the 2013 Best Marinas Contest from Marinalife
500,000 pounds of trash picked up off the shores by over 5,000 volunteers
Why is it called "the head"?
Congress is working on the Ethanol issue...really?
5 Crew Members of Western Venture lucky to be alive...part of Deadliest Catch
What's 850 feet below the surface of Lake Superior and just found after 60 years?
Wayne Newton's 65 Ft boat sinks in his marina...should it be called "Dunk - A- Shane"?

Lake of the Ozarks Water Safety Council is made up of volunteers who work on ideas to increase the education, awareness, and safety of boaters.  Trish Creach is the Chairperson for the group and talks about how the group formed and what some of their projects have been...and what is being planned for early 2014.  Bob also serves as a member of this organization.

"I'm Going to Build Me A Boat with These Two Hands..."  Scott Clark of Springfield. Missouri took that song seriously and is building a 34 ft. sailboat in is garage...fascinating story in this segment of the show.

Boat Show Calendar...Fort Lauderdale and Boatoberfest kick off now...and then many more into the first part of 2014...Bob gives you all the details so you can make plans to attend one or two...or more near you!

Lake of the Ozarks just got a bit of great news...Trip Advisor members voted the area as a Top Midwest Destination and Morgan Crainshaw, Marketing Director for the Lake Area Chamber of Commerce joins us with details...and highlights many of the reasons for the selection.

Saturday, October 19, 2013 - Audio uploaded 10 20 2013 3:15pm
232 Million Adults in US...88 Million went recreational boating this year...thanks for listening!  Ernest Hemingway Boat Quote...Congrats to J.B. Robinson/Grand Laker of the Year...and the Loss of Jack Hornor, Chairman of the Board of the American Boat & Yacht what you should know about Ethanol and Winterizing. The BOAT SHOW CALENDAR will also be featured with dates and locations for many upcoming shows thru January.

Zebra Mussels made an attempt to infiltrate Truman Lake...but they were spotted early and were killed...Tim Banek, Invasive Species Coordinator with the Missouri Department of Conservation has the story...and how you can help in not spreading these invasive hitchhikers!

He's seen all over Lake of the Ozarks...usually with a video camera...Shawn Kober with LAKE TV will join us to talk video, diving for lake cleanup, sailing, powerboating, and what the lake looks like from a helicopter.

DECK THE DOCKS Cruises are coming beginning Thanksgiving weekend and Capt. Jules Albin with Dock Realty will provide all the details in this segment.

The BOAT US FOUNDATION Director of Education is Amanda Suttles Perez...for a few years, she's been working on pulling together one list of all States Boating Education and Certificate Requirements...and it's done...we'll pretty much.  Hear the story, check out your state, and find out more about with the Foundation does for boater education and clean water...and about their many online training sessions that are free to view!

Saturday Oct 12, 2013 - Audio uploaded 10/13 9:36am ct
HARBOR HOP DAY at Lake of the Ozarks...have fun/be safe...25th Annual LOTO Shootout raised $115,000 that will be distributed to 6 fire departments and 16 other non-profit organizations that put in over 6,800 volunteer hours.  Boaters around Truman, Lake Mead and others are having difficulty finding open boat ramps what with the "government shutdown" group loaded up and went to town...and "do you wave at fellow boaters?"  A recent BOAT US survey said 99.4% do...more on this in the opening segment.

54th Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show takes place Oct 31st - Nov 4th...Danny Grant with Show Management joins us from beautiful Ft. Lauderdale with details.

Where is the Fantome?  Author, journalist and sailor, Jim Carrier comes on board to tell some of the story of this 286Ft. Scooner that went down in a hurricane with 31 crew members on board..."The Ship and the Storm, Hurricane Mitch and the Loss of the Fantome" is the name of the book.  Bob and his first mate enjoyed a week aboard the Fantome in 1982...the ship was lost in 1998.  This is Part One...

Part Two of the Story...what exactly happened to the Fantome...Jim Carrier continues the story.

"I'm Your Captain"...if you have the desire to earn your Captain's License...then listen as Capt. Matthew Hahn with World Wide Marine Training talks with Bob about the upcoming OUPV Classes coming to the Resort at Port Arrowhead beginning Thursday, Dec. 5th.  Matt explains what you will learn...the most difficult parts of the training...and the most fun parts...and what is required along with the classes to gain your Coast Guard "6-Pack" license.  The web site for more info or to register is:     Class size is limited...join Bob in this class at Lake Ozark.

October 5, 2013 - audio uploaded Sunday 10/6 1:10pm...thanks for checking in!

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS - ORACLE TEAM USA wins the 34th America's has a new series of video training sessions for anyone renting or buying a Houseboat...BOAT US Foundation President Chris Edmonston has been elected Chairman of the National Safe Boating Council...Life Jackets save lives...we have two stories about this vital piece of safety gear...both from the Gulf where 12 people were saved when their catamaran sank...and another where a fellow fisherman jumped in to save a buddy.  And...the Governor of New York signed new boating education law...but critics say it doesn't go far enough.

Back to IBEX in this segment featuring interviews with Co-Founder and President of Shawdow-Caster Marine LED's, Brian Rogers.  We also get the news about the new Engine Room Heater from Caframo from Jeff Bond...and Jim Bouy tells us about all the variety of safety equipment they sell for marinas and individuals.

There's a new boat show in town...the TEXAS BOATOBERFEST at Clear Lake just outside of Houston.  Peter Bryant, President of the Springtime SW International Boat Show tells us about this new Fall in-water event and so much more.

Lake of the Ozarks HARBOR HOP is Saturday, Oct. 12th...and Michelle Thomson of the CVB comes back on to provide details on this great event now in it's 28th year!

IBEX provided me with an opportunity to meet up with Beth Leonard, Technical Director at BOAT US...and Roy Smith of R. L. Smith and Associates who is a NAMS Certified Surveyor.  Both join me in the final segment of the show...we discuss Hurricanes, Tornados, Floods with Beth...and why it is so important to have a NAMS Certified Surveyor aboard any used vessel you might be trying to purchase.

September 28, 2013 - Audio ready...better late than never...sorry.
"Honey...they moved the marina!" Imagine your surprise showing up to get on your boat to find the marina had moved...listen to the story about Emerald Point Marina at Lake Travis, Texas and why they are moving "Bond...James Bond"...the submarine car used in one of the movies is sold. Half-Priced boat rentals at Iguana...and get your Captain's License...take the class with me.  Details from World Wide Marine Training coming to Lake of the Ozarks.

IBEX is the International Boat Builders Expo and Bob was there!  Listen for information on some great new products from Brock Templeman of Sting Ray Hydrofoils...and get to know Brad Kovach, Editor of Heartland Boating Magazine, and meet Nina Ullrich, Business Development/Marketing with the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC).

The DAM 2 DAM Paddleboat Races are this weekend...last minute info as they prepare to do 90 miles on the Osage River/Lake of the Ozarks.  Donna Swall, Ex. Dir. of LOWA comes back on the show.

IBEX Part II...with interviews about Torqueedo and President Steve Trkla, Gretchen with the Battery Hydration System and Adam Boulay, Pres/CEO with the new Spray on Gel Coat product...

BOAT US Associated Editor, Chris Landers attended the 25th Annual Shootout a few weeks back...and since we couldn't get our schedules together, we caught up with him on the phone to get reactions to the event.  Chris has also just published an article on Boat we cover that topic as well.  Read Chris's story in the most recent BOAT US Magazine...sign up for membership by clicking the BOAT US Logo on my front page!

September 21, 2013 - audio ready to listen 9/23/13 4:50am
Around The Waterfront News - 19th Century ship is finally identified...a Solar powered craft is making its way around the Great Loop - 6,000 mile trip...Torqueedo powered...and BOAT US has some warnings for anyone buying a used out for signs of Hurricane Sandy damage.

Changing of the guard at the Lake of the Ozarks Marine Mike Atkinson retires...Mike Kenagy of the Lake West Chamber will assume command.  Both are on this show with their thoughts, memories...and plans.  Kenagy takes over in March of 2014.

Ozark Yacht Club is more than "Sailing Headquarters" at Lake of the Ozarks...Tim Shields, GM joins the show to talk about everything that is happening at the 1MM!

Clean water...that's right...and it all starts with the Shoreline Cleanup that is underway now around the shores of this 99 mile lake...Bryan Vance, Shoreline Cleanup Coordinator with Ameren joins us with details on the Fall LOTO Shoreline Cleanup.

BOAT US Angler Brand Manager, Steve Levi joins us in our final segment to talk about the many benefits of joining BOAT US...and if you are an'll want to listen even more closely.

September 14, 2013 - audio for your to hear now!
It's BOAT SHOW Weekend at the Lake of the Ozarks...and we'll be set up ready to meet everyone on Friday and Saturday...Capt. Ron's at the 341/2 MM or Hwy 5 Sunrise Beach, Mo. September Boat Show and Sale presented by the LOTO Marine Dealers Association! WWMT is World Wide Marine Training...I'm going to invite you to join me in the OUVP 6-Pack class coming up in December.  More details on how to earn your Captain's license in upcoming shows...or visit for more info now.

$5K Raised at the Kid's Harbor Homemade Boat Races this past weekend in Linn Creek and our microphones were from some of the boat builders...also from Cara Geridman, Ex. Dir. and then be sure to see the pictures of the races on our front page.

The Original In The Water Boat Show started in 1970...and it is still the grand-daddy of them all...the Annapolis Sailboat and Powerboat ShowsPaul Jacobs, GM joins the show to tell us about the history, what you will experience at either show, and what changes or improvements to expect this October on the Chesapeake Bay town...this historic mariners location.

Rental Boat Safety dot com has released new training videos for PWC's and for Paddle Craft...and you can watch them FREE on their web site.  The FALL HARBOR HOP at Lake of the Ozarks started 28 years ago by Randy Kelly...taken over by the Conventiion and Visitors Bureau, Michelle Thomson, Marketing Consultant joins us with all the details on this "SLOW" poker run on Sat. Oct. 12th.

Another big boat sale is happening this weekend...this one at Camden on the Lake/H Toad's Marina and it's the Iguana Boat Rental Blowout Sale!  Over 40 boats will be sold at really low prices...for more info get with Iguana Watersports.  BOAT US membership is very valuable...especially if you have the unlimited towing endorcement added...John Condon, VP Towing will be with us in this segment to explain all the saving benefits to memberhip.

September 7, 2013 - Audio posted Sunday 5:20pm - enjoy
238 MPH was the top speed at the 3rd Annual Drag Boat Nations...we'll have the story in the opening segment of the show...along with FREE Tickets to the LOTO Boat Show in the water at Capt. Ron's next weekend...Tall Ships Erie 2013-It's the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Lake Erie/details on the show...Night-time navigation and proper boat lighting for extra safety...we'll cover what you need to know...boating fatalities over the Labor Day weekend and a freak accident at a Truman Lake boat ramp leaves a 35 year old dead...and is "Bow Riding" safe?  We think not...and we'll have the story.  Plus the Missouri State Water Patrol Boating Education Classes are beginning again...first fall class is 9/14 at the Truman Lake Visitors Center...details.

Ozark Yacht Brokers welcomes Mike Adams...and Bob will feature a few Motor Yachts.  Kid's Harbor Homemade Boat Races and other events are Sunday, Sept. 8th...Ex. Dir. Cara Gerdiman and Volunteer Stacy Mosher join us with details on the non-profit organizations fund raising effort...starts at 1pm...Linn Creek Campground at Lake of the Ozarks.

Boat Show weekend at Shorty Pants with Marine Max...Frank Svobada has details for the event today...along with the 15th Anniversary of the Recreational Boating and Fishing some special offers from Bob on Sheex...Dogs Ahoy...Boat Name Gear...and Brizo. 

BOAT US is Boat Owners Association of the United States...and Heather Lougheed is the VP of Membership. She will provide details on some of the 25 benefits of becoming a member...and "There's an APP for that"...yep...the Missouri Department of Conservation has a new app to help boaters find available boat ramps on all the waterways in the state.

2 Dam Days Paddle Marathon is back for the 4th year...bigger and better...safer...and Donna Swall, Ex. Dir. of the Lake of the Ozarks Watershed Alliance will join us with all the details...improvements...changes...prize money...and fun that will take place on Sept. 27-28-29...beginning at Warsaw just below the Truman Dam...ending up 90 miles down river at the Bagnell Dam.

August 31, 2013 - Labor Day Weekend Show
What happens after Labor Day?  One very important items is covered at the opening of the close attention!  We'll also be announcing the first of the fall 2013 Boating Education Classes in Missouri offered by the MSHP/Water Patrol Division...especially for anyone born after Jan 1, 1984.  US Coast Guard and the National Safe Boating Council is reminding boaters of the importance of life jackets.  Plus Darryl Worley's Tennessee River Run is coming up...more details.

25th Annual Lake of the Ozarks Shootout is history...and it made history.  I will have my reflections...thoughts...ask you to watch the Bob Morgan Memorial Video that is now up on the web site.  Very special event...if you missed it, I have a host of great pictures posted, too.
Plus some Around the Waterfront news stories of interest.

Jason Johnson with and his partner Matt Truello were sponsors of the Shootout...and we had a few minutes to talk with Jason and get his thoughts on the event.  We also have some more Around the Waterfront News stories.

3rd Annual Drag Boat Nationals are this weekend and you can amost hear them from here...Dan Robinson, GM at Lucas tells us about this last boat racing event of the year...why this track is so special for racing...and about the combination water and dirt track ticket available Saturday night...and to slow it down...the 3rd Annual HomeMade Boat Races for the benefit of Kids Harbor will be Sunday Sept. 8th at the Linn Creek Campground.  Cara Girdiman, Ex. Dir...and Stacy Mosher, Volunteer will share all the details on the event and why their services are so important to children in the area.

Are you making loan payments on your boat?  Does your boat have a head, kitchen and bed?  If so...the interest that you have been deducting may be stopped if two Democrats have their way. It's the 2nd Home Mortgage Deduction...and it's under fire!  BOAT US Government Affairs David Kennedy and Asst. VP of Public relations, Scott Croft come on the show to talk about this movement...what they are doing in response...and what you can do if this might affect you. 

August 24, 2013 - Shootout weekend at LOTO Listen on demand.
Remote Control Mini Shootout is over...and the Top Gun...would you believe 119mph! Details on that exciting kickoff to the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout week...parking will be different and the Saturday unveiling of the Bob Morgan Memorial Hall of Fame is set.  In this segment, the lake has its second boating fatality of the year when two PWC's collide...killing one and the other arrested for BWI.  And LIFEJACKET saves the life of a sailor who fell off his sailboat...but swam 5 miles to shore.  It pays to wear it!

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS - Stories include 90 days and a fine of $500K for a false MAYDAY report...will the mortgage deduction be taken away for boaters that use their boats as second homes?...$7.5M grants going out to states for improvements to recreational boating areas...The Love Boat is no longer..."All Is Lost" is the new movie starring Robert Redford...trailer looks great...and boater finds 150 yeear old sucken pirate ship 500 yards off shore in Florida on his birthday...

"Take the Boats to the People"...that's what Marine Max, Lake of the Ozarks is doing.  Frank Svobada, Sales Manager joins us with details on their third "take the boat show to the people event" coming up Saturday, September 7th.
Also learn about Latts & Atts TV coming back...and Bob's special product offers for listeners to the show.

PLAYIN HOOKY Water Taxi and Charters is featured in this segment with owner Jim Bascue.  Jim tells us about how they started the service operating at H. Toads/Camden on the Lake and the many offerrings that they have for safe transportation in and around that portion of the Lake of the Ozarks.

RVing and Boating...they do go hand in hand.  Wilder RV's Preston Smith will join the program from their operations in Clinton, MO to discuss and describe the RV lifestyle and talk about the specific unit we recorded the interview in...what a home on wheels!

August 17, 2013 - OK listen now...uploaded 8/18 3:50pm
PUBLIC SERVICE AWARD presented to Bob and Bob's No Wake Zone Boating Radio Show by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators!  Winners of the Lucas Oil 3rd Annual Drag Boat Nationals announced...Special Offers and discounts from SHEEX, DogsAhoy, Boat Name Gear and Brizo.  You'll also hear about Ugly John's...another award for boat sales...and Happy Birthday to Grand Lake, Oklahoma where Bob and his first mate spent a few years...73rd Birthday!  Shootout begins with the Mini Remote Control Shootout first day.

3rd Annual Diamond Drag Boat Nationals take to Lucas Lake on August 30-Sept 1...Ken Dollar, Race Director joins us for all the details...dscriptions of the race boats, classes...and comments about this "custom built" race facility...unlike any other in the country.

PERSONAL WATERCRAFT INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION Executive Director, David Dickerson is featured in this segment with details about this group and what they do to help educate consumers...and how they work with the PWC manufacturers on increased safety for drivers and passengers.  Learn about the "Safe Rider Pledge".

PORT OF DUBUQUE, IOWA opened it's new transient marina just recently and Assistant City Engineer, Bob Schiesl joins the program to talk about their $4 Million dollar effort and the final results.

CLEAN-DRAIN-DRY and Invasive Species is the topic of this segment with Wildlife Forever Conservation Director, Pat Conzemius.  Hear the discussion of ow we can all help stop the spread of these they got here in the first place...and very simple things each boater can do.  More info at the web link

August 10, 2013 - ALL Shootout Show - ready for listening at your command 8/11 3:30pm
ALL SHOOT OUT SHOW! The 25th Annual Lake of the Ozarks Shootout activities begin on Friday, August 16th...and continue thru Sunday the 25th...Segments 2,3,4,5 will all be about those events.  In this opening segment we'll also cover briefly the 20th Annual Wine and Brew Fest, Some ways to prevent boat fires from BOAT US Insurance...Free Slips to Vets and Firefighters at a N.J. Marina...and three very special offers on products from SHEEX...BRIZO...and

LOTO SHOOTOUT Part 1 with Ron Duggan...Capt. Ron himself joins us in this segment with discussion on some of the events surrounding the 25th Annual Shootout...including the new location for the Street Party...and the Make a Wish Boat Rides...

REMOTE CONTROL MINI-SHOOTOUT with Bill McNeal.  Bill fills us in on this oepning weekend event at Kelly's Landing at the 60 MM...Highway Z off Highway 7...where spectactors will really get to be up close to the action.

SPEEDONTHEWATER.COM's Jason Johnson, formerly with PowerBoat Magazine...a long time sponsor of the Shootout will be on the phone to give us his thoughts from some of the years past...and what this year's event means especially with the Bob Morgan Memorial that will be unveiled.

LOTO SHOOTOUT Part 11 with Ron Duggan...we get a little emotional when the conversation turns to the Bob Morgan Memorial and the Hall of Fame dedication events.  As always for more on the Shootout...visit


August 3, 2013 - audio posted 8/4/13 4:30pm
Open to show with show line up and Carnival Cruise Lines....not in the news...but the Silver Shawdow is...and hey...can you loan me $32.4 Million...I've got my eye on this yacht...Plus in on the 20th Annual Wine and Brew Fest next Saturday...we'll be there...hope you can join us! Also...Triple Threat Throwdown wakeboard event is August 9-10...details 20th Annual Mo. Wine & Brew Fest is Sat. August 10th-hope you'll come see us...and The one that didn't get away...230 Tuna caught by man in 14 ft. boat...with Coast Guard assistance!

Dragon Cup WaterCross at Coconuts at Lake of the Ozarks is this weekend...PWC Course like MotoCross...but on the water!  Scott Seivley of the Kansas based company comes on the show with all the details about the event and about the IJSBA...jet boat association.

DogsAhoy.Com is a brand new site for boaters with four legged friends on board...Andrew Canepari joins us with all the details...and we'll have a special office for you, too.  Check out our special offer 10% when you order using promo code "NOWAKEZONE" at either or

ESD Electric Shock Drowning continues to be a topic every boater is talking about and this story from Bob Dohr of the Door County News Online out of Wisconsin brings more information forward with Dr. Wentworth and the Wisconsin Sail and Power Squadran meeting with guest speaker...Kevin Ritz.

Around the WaterFront News...Shootout's 25th anniversary event Hall of Fame inductees announced...Mercury Marine expands manufacturing capacity...11 people survive a near death boating accident - this story is hard to believe...Operation Dry Water update with 65% agencies reporting.

July 27, 2013 - audio available now
Good time was had by most...Aquapalooza at LOTO.  Little wind caused some anchoring issues...but overall good time.  Pictures up now. Thanks to Lake Port Resort & Marina and Top Siders for permission to shoot from their property.

INVASIVE SPECIES are still an issue in many states.  We're joined by Rebecca Williams, Environmental Reporter with Michigan Radio to discuss what she has learned about controlling zebra mussels and others.

DOCK REALTY/DOCK LIFEGUARD- Capt. Julz Albin comes on board with the Dock Realty they work for buyers and sellers of docks and lifts...then she tells us more about the Dock Lifeguard System designed to alert dock owners if electricity is present or leaking into the water around their docks.

TENKILLER LAKE-Oklahoma is a featured lake this week and Don Nowlin, Exc. Dir. of the Lake area association tells us about the boating opportunities there...along with a real surprise...crystal clear water for divers...and some great stuff to explore!  Then we are joined by Daryll Worley...he tells us about his 12th Annual Tennessee River Run fund raising event in September...and a special country music superstar will be joining him on stage...

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS - Lucas Lake Drag Boat Races...Tim Seebold wins two in a row...Blackbeard's ship sank in 1718 and now divers are bringing up more relics...COBALT BOATS is celebrating 45 years at Arrowhead Marina, Grand Lake, OK today...and a Boating oriented marriage proposal on a sailboat!

July 20, 2013 -  uploaded audio Sunday 3:50pm cdt - Enjoy!
Happy Anniversary...listen to find out what that is all about!

ESD-Electric Shock Drowning has been in the headlines all over mid-America since last summers deaths on several lakes including LOTO.  Beth Leonard, Technical Editor for Seaworthy Magazine/BOAT US has written a very comprehensive article on this topic...and she comes on the show to give everyone this important information.  This segment will also have info on an upcoming breakfast informational meeting covering docks/ESD/Inspections...and a mention about the Dock Lifeguard System.

NOTE: Download ESD Article from BOAT US - Click Here for more!

20th Annual Missouri Wine and Brew Fest...why are we covering this on a Boating Show?  Because nearly everyone that attends this August 10th event is a Boater at Lake of the Ozarks!  So Morgan Crainshaw, Marketing Director for the Lake Area Chamber comes on the show to give all the details...and yes, Bob's No Wake Zone Radio Show will there again this year...hope to see you, too!

25th Annual Lake of the Ozarks Shootout and all the activites take place August 18-25 mosstly around Captain Ron's at the 34 1/2 MM or Hwy 5 Sunrise Beach.  This year the Make a Wish Foundation is providing some go-fast boats and drivers to make some Wishes come true for some Missouri kids.  Jim Slagter is a Development Director in the Springfield office and joins me to provide all the details.

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS - Stories include Bob Morgan Memorial/Shootout Hall of Fame bricks are now on sale...Details on the Shootout Golf Tournament...CO can kill Minnesota family found out the CO was affecting their young daughter and this had a happy ending...but another family lost two young children in a tubing accident on Sylvan Lake outside of Detroit...then some good news for the boating industry...Carver is expanding in Pulaski, WI...and in Florida, Nautique is also stepping up production, both companies hiring now.  Finally...which end of your shore power cord do you disconnect first?  Boating with Dawsons web site has the info and Doug and Brenda have allowed me to share this info...very important info.

July 13, 2013 - show ready for listening 7/14/2013 6:27pm
Another KAYAK MEET UP is going on today at the HaHa Tonka Launch Big thanks to the 60,000 people that attended the Dam Experience Fireworks Show...and the Duck Drop is coming...details in the show opening segent!

25th Annual LAKE OF THE OZARKS SHOOTOUT is coming up in August and the MINI-R/C/SHOOTOUT takes place the weekend before.  Bill Mcneal, founder, committee chair will join us with all the details about this exciting event that is now in its second year at Kelly's Landing at the 60 MM.

PRODUCT REVIEW FEATURE STORIES - BRIZO by Hullmate helps keep your bottom fact it "cleans the Hull thing!"...catch Bob's review and interview with the inventor.  Plus...what is a TAKU and how can it clear the stale air in your boat within minutes?  This 2013 Pittman Award winner was installed...tested...and then found to work in another application...listen here for Bob's report on the TAKU Air Exchanging Hatch Fan by Caframo.

It's been called the toughest Paddle Boat Race in America...the MR340.  From Kansas City to St. Charles the Missouri River 340 Mile Paddle Boat Race will attract contestants from all over the World...and Race Director Scot Manskar will provide us with some background and the story about this years event coming up soon.

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS - Red Dirt Lakefest is June 18-20 at the Runaway II Resort at the 45MM Lake of the Ozarks...lots of music and fun...AquaPalooza is Saturday July 20th at Dog Days...Coast Guard is searching for theives that made off with Navigational Marker Batteries...Sea Tow and LOTO Lake Tow from BOAT US report record number of calls over the 4 day Fourth of July Holiday...6 Boating Fatalities around the country during that weekend...none at LOTO...Oklahoma authorities are looking for a hit & run boater that killed one man...BUI Saturation Totals reported by Missouri State Highway Patrol and Illegal fireworks blamed on marina fire in the NW.

July 6, 2013 - show uploaded Monday 5:50am
Around the Waterfront News items including Operation Dry Water results, Stolen PWC operator thrown off when he hits "danger zone" cable at Bagnell Dam, 3 Rivers Run PWC event is coming up, Electricity and Water do not mix warning from shark attacks Kayak fisherman off the coast in California and America's Cup winner Ted Hood is remembered.

$15K Raised at the SUPPORT OUR TROOPS POKER RUN last Friday...and we have interviews with some of the 26 military personnel that went on the Jon Jerome, President of H.E.R.O.E.S Care will have comments, boat captains reactions...and the awards and check presentation are all in this segment. The run is sponsored by was the 6th year for the event that has now raised $85,000!

TRIPLE THREAT THROWDOWN is coming and Kirby Liesman of Kirby's School of Wake will join the show on the BOAT US SKYPE line to tell us about this new event coming to the area.

There's an APP for that...a New Boating App has just been launched by the ABYC, American Boat and yacht Council and Brian Goodwin, Technical Director will provide all the details on this new iPhone app...Android is not far behind.  Some very cool functions to help us before and during trips away from the dock.

Show week we cover the details on the Lake of the Ozarks MINI Remote Control Boats Shootout...the MR340...a race down the Missouri river by paddlers...and a couple of product reviews...what is a BRIZZO and a TAKU?

June 29, 2013 - First of the 4th of July uploaded 7/1/2013 6:24am.
OPERATION DRY WATER is underway...don't drink and drive your boat...Sea Doo Demo Days are going on...we talked with Cody Hawkins with Sea Doo at Dog Days Lake of the Ozarks and learned about the exclusive Braking System on the new PWC's...also leaern where they are heading...maybe to your part of the country next!

PADDLERS GUIDE TO MISSOURI has been updated by Brett Dufur, Editor for the Missouri Department of Conservation.  He tells us what you'll find inside the guide and how and where to pick one up!

BLUE-GREEN ALGEA has attacked some lakes in Kansas...Advisories and Warnings have been issued and Mike Tate Director Bureau of Water with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment gives us the details.  Some discussion as well on what causes this problem and what can...or cannot be done about it.

SHOOTOUTS are underway...with more coming!  The Lake of the Ozarks Shootout is coming up in August...the 25th Year for the largest unsanctioned boat races in America...and a special Bob Morgan/Big Thunder Tribute is to be unvailed on opening day.  Ron Duggan explains to the committee...and Bob's Microphones were you'll here it first hand from Capt. Ron himself. Plus this weekend the NBRA North/South Shootout is underway at Lake Lucas...we'll have all the details for today and Sunday.

Lee Greenwood performed at Olde Glory Days in Clinton on Friday, June as a special 4th of July weekend tribute...hear his famous song!  Happy 4th to everyone...and special thanks to all active military and veterans for your service!

June 22, 2013 - Audio now available for on demand listening 6/23/13 4:35pm
It's summer time...finally!  Great 60 Minutes of Recreational Boating info today...starting off with results from the Spring Harbor Hop...light turnout at the 45 waterfront establishments around Lake of the Ozarks...but some pretty good payouts to the top five winners...event presented by LOTO  First full day of we'll play a great summer song for you in this segment as well!

OPERATION DRY WATER is June 27-30 all over the country...every state will have added patrols to catch drunken boaters...John Fetterman, Director of Law Enforcement with the National Associatiion of State Boating Law Administators, NASBLA for short, will give us the details in this segment of the show. 

SUPPORT OUR TROOPS POKER RUN is coming up June 28th and this annual event presented by MidWestBoatParty dot com continues to grow, with donations now over $70,000.  Ed Champion joins us with all the details...and some reactions to the recent OSS Lake Race 2013 as well.

THREE RIVERS RUN is an exciting PWC run from the backwaters of the Bagnell the St. Louis Arch...all to benefit the Tri-County YMCA.  Dr. Joann Rutherford, CEO, will join us to give all the to become part of this event...and what the money raised will help to do for the YMCA membership.

AROUND THE WATERFRONT NEWS-AS THE PROPELLER TURNS...Sea Doo Demo Days are this weekend at Dog Days...find out out to get involved...Chairman and Founder of BOAT US, Richard Schwartz announces his retirement at 47 years at the helm...AquaPalooza 2013 is coming in July...and what pirate ship just sold for $80,000?
Details along with some great boating music...

June 15, 2013 - Happy Father's Day Weekend - show posted 6/16/13 12:56pm

Results-Results-Results---John Haas memorial Drag Boat Races...BroStock...and the Lake Race 2013 OSS event...we'll have the results from all Troops Appreciation Day today at Mariners Pier 31, Erin Brockovish is arrested while boating, Wisconsin ranked 3rd in alcohol-related boating deaths in 2012, Sailor survives two days trapped underwater in his tug boat, Texas Outlaw Challenge is next week in the Houston/Galveston area, Houston Boat Show is coming up, and Boating enthusiasts set a new world record at "Ready, Set, Wear It"!

Demo Day is today at Marine Max, Lake of the Ozarks and Frank Svobada, Sales manager fills us in on what you can enjoy doing today at this we introduce you to Capt. Donn Nelson, the newest member of the Marine Max team...did you say you have owned 80 boats?  Find out by listening!

The Dam Experience Fireworks show at Truman Dam is Sat. July 6th with music on 95.3 KDKD...Bob is joined by Erin Cordrey, USACorp of Engineers and Truman Lake Visitors Center Manager with some early details on this event which draws some 50,000 people in boats...and vehicles.

Now that you have a boat...what can we do with it? How about putting in a Lake of the Ozarks...take a leisurely cruise down to Bridal Cave...dock up...and come up.  Hear Steve Thompson, GM describe what you'll see and a bit of the history of this legendary cave...and yes, they still do weddings!

June 8, 2013 - Audio segments posted Sunday 4:08pm
Very busy weekend around Missouri-Kayaks to Wake Boarding to OSS...we'll cover it all in this Results of the Charity Regatta last Saturday at the Ozark Yacht Club-winners and how much was raised for Kids Harbor.  If you are wanting to attend a boat show...Chicago and San Diego are coming up and Cruising Outpost's Bob Bitchin provided some details...and what marina closed down due to faulty wiring? We'll have the story.

National Marina Day is today...and the Lake Jacomo Marina just outside Kansas City at Grain Valley is celebrating...Michelle Newman with Jackson County Park plus Rec will give us all the details in this segment.

Kayak Meet Up is Saturday, June 8th at Ha Ha Tonka at Lake of the Ozarks and Donna Swall, Ex. Dir. of LOWA will be with us with's free and starts around 8:30.

Troops Appreciation event is held twice a year at Mariners Pier 31 Marina at Lake of the Ozarks and Bud Simmons, Owner joins us with details.  This event is for all active military from Whiteman or Leonard Wood...and includes any Guard personnel and families, too.  Make reservations by getting in touch with Bud...details in this segment.

Lucas Oil John Haas memorial Drag Boat races...BroStock...and OSS Lake Race 2013 are all underway this weekend in Missouri...we'll have details. Plus the National Houseboat Expo is going on as well at Lake Cumberland in KY...
Special guest will be Ellen Greenleaf, Director of Marketing for the OSS Powerboat Racing Association with lots of info about the Lake Race happening this weekend.

June 1, 2013 - Uploaded for your listening pleasure 6/2 4:11pm
Today is the 3rd Annual Kids Harbor Cup Charity Regatta at the Ozark Yacht Club Lake of the Ozarks...Sailors and crews will be raising money for Kids Harbor Child Advocacy Center...Viewing available from the decks at OYC. Speaking of sailing...Scottish Sailor Gerry Hughes is deaf...and just completed an around the world trip in his sailboat...first deaf person to do that solo...we'll have details.  What is Gobius?  That question was asked on my Facebook page...listen in and find out.  Pretty safe memorial Day Weekend at Lake of the Ozarks with only two minor PWC fatalities.  Good job!  However, the 2,200 passengers aboard the Grandeur of the Seas cruise ship did not have a good day on the ship caught fire...all safe, but not a good experience...details in this segment.

What does the Coast Guard Auxiliary do?  You see them on the lakes and'll be surprized by what you hear in this segment with Doug Ives, Dennis and Karen Pearson of the Flotilla 5-4 our of Pomme De Terre Lake in Mid Missouri...this two part series can be hear by clicking part one here...

Part Two of the Coast Guard Aux story is right to listen.

National Marina Day is saturday, June 8th...Wendy Larimer of the Association of Marina Industries describes the beginnings of this day...and how it has evolved into a nationwide event.

2nd Annual John Haas Memorial Drag Boat Races are taking place at Lucas Lake next week and Series Director Ken Dollar tells all about the races, describes the boats and talks about the driver training.  We'll also cover the details on the other boating events going on at Lake of the the return of BroStock to Capt. Ron's 34.5 MM...the Lake Race 2013 OSS Races at the Bagnell Dam to the 4MM...and the National Houseboat Expo taing place at State Docks Lake Cumberland in's a busy week!

May 25, 2013 - Memorial Day Weekend 2013 - Show ready for listening.
In the opening segment we provide you some Around the Waterfront News...US Coast Guard has released 2012 Boating Fatality Facts...we'll have details and some tips on keeping those numbers declining.A tragic boating accident on Oklahoma's Grand Lake leave two college students dead after their 22ft Cobalt ploughs into a docked houseboat...drinking involved? Boat US urges Memorial Day Weekend boaters to use extra caution and review safety equipment...and 95.3 KDKD's David Lee...and Steve Stevens from 104.9 The Eagle will be broadcasting live Saturday at Angler's Port Marine on Hwy 7 just west of Warsaw/Truman Lake. Boating Magazine has listed Lake of the Ozarks in a Top 10...find out more by listening!

Margaret Podlich, President of BOAT US joins us with some conversation on all the area that this membership organization offers boaters.

Women on the Water classes provided by Marine Max locations around the country are a great way to get some training and confidence when needed to operate your vessel.  Bob catches up with three women that just docked at the Lake of the Ozarks location and got their reactions to the training...the trainer, Brent Burnowski also provided some insight into what they offer.  Contact your Marine Max location for upcoming  At Lake of the Ozarks contact Teresa Riley at

Ozark Yacht Club and the Ozark Sailing Club are presenting their 3rd Annual Charity Regatta on June 1st...Sara Clark, Marketing Manager at OYC and Cara Gerdima, Exec. Dir. of Kids Harbor, the organization that will benefit from the proceeds...will provide all the details.  Skippers can still sign up their boats...and if you want to crew...get in touch with Sara...details in this segment. w

Where will be the best place(s) to view the Lake Race 2013 -OffShore Super Seriers June 5-9 at Lake of the Ozarks?  Morgan Crainshaw of the Lake Area Chamber and Austin French, Rental Fleet Manager with Iguana Watersports can tell you.  Listen in for details...reservations required on one of those...Have a safe Memorial Day Boating Weekend.

May 18, 2013 - Show uploaded Sunday 5/19 2:23pm cdt

USF1 Powerboat Series at Lucas Lake was a big success...we'll bring you the winners and highlights plus a Product Review of the installation of the new BORA PLUS cabin fan from Caframo.

BROSTOCK is coming back to Lake of the Ozarks (BroZarks!) at Capt. Ron's 34.5 MM on June 6-7-8 and Matt Gleason with Liquid Force joins us with details.  Same weekend the OSS Lake Race 2013 takes place 34 miles down river from the Bagnell Dam where offshore race boats will be competing...we have some more details along with Major Matt Walz of the Highway Patrol/Water Patrol with some info on where boats will and will not be allowed to anchor to watch.  Plus we'll get into some early discussion about the 25th Annual LOTO Shootout coming in August.

It's A DAY ON OUR DOCKS at Marina Max Lake of the Ozarks...and Frank Svobada, Sales manager joins us with details on the days activities.  Bob's No Wake Zone will be around...looking forward to see you on the docks.

National Safe Boating Week kicks off today and runs a week plus Friday was Wear Your Life Jacket To Work Day...Bob did...did you?  Rachel Johnson with the National Safe Boating Council along with Crpl Jay Riley of the Highway Patrol/Water Patrol will be on to talk boating operations and safety.  Bob will also be telling the story of why the port light is RED and the Starboard light is GREEN...some history from those days gone by.

Around the Waterfront News - Zebra Mussels are back...40 Year old mystery is solved when divers find 32 ft. houseboat at the bottom of Lake Onterio...Andrew Simpson is remembered, he died last week in training for the America's Cup races when the catamaran flipped over...Gloria Estefan is in the news in her efforts to save the Miami Marine Stadium...and no Fleet Week in New York this year...economy there will suffer as some 6,000 sailors, marines, and US Coast Guard personnel would normally be there...and finally what was that mystery carcass that washed up on a beach?

May 11, 2013 - Audio posted Mother's Day 10:50am
This show covers the faaasssstttt and the ssslllooooowwwww....It's race day...and a take it easy day all rolled into one!  USF1 Formula Races are today at Lake Lucas in Wheatland, MO...and the 1st Kayak Meet Up for 2013 is from 8-Noon at Ha Ha Tonka State Park new Kayak Launch Ramp.

Jose Mendana, President of USF1 Racing joins me to talk about today's races at Lake Lucas at the Lucas Oil Speedway complex.  Spectators in Missouri are really in for a treat today as these fast little "Indy Car Looking" speedboats race around and around...almost like NASCAR on Water!

"Hey buddy...can you give me a tow?"  Your buddy is Lake Tow BOAT US with over 600 lakes and waterways covered...Adam Wheeler is the VP of Towing Operations at The Boat Owners Association of the United States (BOAT US) and he tells us all about their program and how it can really provide a safety net when you are out on the water.

Gilligan! Gilligan! Yes, Captain!  The Captain of the Gilligan's Island Fan Club will share some trivia about the SS Minnow...the island(s) where the show was filmed...and great insight into the characters, the theme song, the back stories...when Louie Kiniger joins Bob in this was just a three hour cruise!

Harbor Hop follow up-Where did Bob and crew visit?...Woman on the Water Classes at Marine Max continue on Thursday, May 16th with single engine operations...and the Day at our Docks is next Saturday, May 18th at Marine Max Lake of the Ozarks...big vendor day all at 3070 Bagnell Dam Blvd in Lake you really need insurance to protect your cruise ships from the Loch Ness Monster?  Also from Around the Waterfront News...people from all over the country have sent in money to buy David Henneberry a new boat...some $50K has been raised...hear this great story, too.

May 4, 2013 - A heavy wet Snow fell around...all around us...but we're going boating just the same!
Welcome to Sprinter!  Audio posted 5/6/2013 6:52am cdt
Show opens with Harbor Hop and Magic Dragon Car Show weekend info...and great line-up for show today.

ESD...Electric Shock Drowning is covered with Mike Telleria of Nordavn Yachts...discussion about what it it is caused...what boaters and marinas should do to check for faulty wiring and more.  Mike also tells the story of Kevin Ritz, who has been on our show and how his son was killed swimming around a dock that was sending electric current into the water.  If you plan to swim off any dock this need to hear this before a foot goes in!

Dock LifeGuard is a new product that can provide sound and light warnings of impending electric current in the water...and Dave Hotz of Dock Realty,  Lake of the Ozarks tells us...and demonstrates the device.

BOAT US Foundation and Susan Shingledecker will bring us lots of information about what the Foundation does...especially in the areas of clean water.  But, there's lots click and listen.

Around the Waterfront News-E 15 Warning...Coast Guard shuts down recreational boating on some rivers in the mid-west due to water conditions...Titanic letter is sold for $142,000, Paddleboater does 45 miles for good, Bob's got two fans!  That's right...both from is the 2012 Innovation Award Winner from IBEX...and BOAT US retiree Bob Adriance receives ABYC Life Service Award.

April 27, 2013 - Audio posted 4/28/2013 2:18pm -Programming Note: I missed the memo about Lucas Oil Speedway KDKD/Eagle Night-Cancelled on 4/27-Moved to May 18th...hold your tickets as they will be good that night!  Darn Spring Weather anyway!  Bob

Around the Waterfront News opens the show-Stories on winners of tickets to the Formula 1 Races at Lake Lucas, Two drownings on the Chesapeake Bay, survivors with Hypothermia, Missouri Boating Education Classes this month and the Coast Guard Aux Floatilla 30-05 Lake of the Ozarks is conducting Vessel Safety Checks for free...learn how to get one completed on your boat.

BOAT US provides members with lots of benefits...this segment we'll hear from John Condon, VP Towing Services about all they offer members for just $67 a year freshwater towing!  If you don't have will certainly want to listen in.

April In Water Boat Show was the best in three for crowd size...and Bob interviewed many of the boat dealers and vendors...some you may have heard during the live broadcast...others you didn't.  In this segment, we've provided some "Boat Show After Glow" with about ten interviews...hope you enjoy and will call on these when you are looking around!

Lake Lucas at Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Mo is the site of the Formula 1 Races coming up May 10th and's the only track in America built specifically for boat racing...and Dan Robinson, GM will tell us all about this first race of the season...but about all four events now thru September 1st.

From top slow speed...we cover it all!  There is a new Kayak Launch Ramp that was just constructed at the Ha Ha Tonka State Park and Donna Swall, Ex. Dir. of LOWA (Lake of the Ozarks Watershed Alliance) will be on with us to tell that story of construction...and then to announce the 2013 schedule for the Kayak Meetups beginning on May 11th.

April 20, 2013 - In Water Boat Show weekend - audio posted 4/21/2013 7:33pm
Buy SHEEX-Save 10% See my Website for link!!!! Around the Waterfront News opens the show with stories about Kansas City Sail and Power Squadron April meeting and seminar on GPS...Drowning in Lake life jacket.  OSS Lake Race 2013 informational meeting details will be provided on Sat. April 27th to lake area residents...Does size matter when it comes to Mega-Yachts?  And....voters at selected what song as the favorite TV theme? Hear it here!

Spring Harbor Hop at Lake of the Ozarks is coming up May 4th and Heather Brown with the LOTO Convention and Visitors Bureau joins us with all those details and more about other boating events coming up in Mid-Missouri's boating paradise!

How does your boat insurance compare?  BOAT US Marine Insurance Manager of Underwriting, Brian Getty will be on the show.  He'll explain all the benefits...savings...and ways that you can insure all your watercraft.  Brian will also discuss some of the "lessons learned" from Superstorm Sandy.

Bob's BOAT SHOW CALENDAR is presented here...locate a boat show near you...or one you want want to attend!

National Safe Boating Week is coming up May 18-24 and Rachael Johnson with the Safe Boating Council tells Bob all about activities planned for that week including the Wear It Campaign...and something new called "Wear Your Life Jacket to Work Day"!

April 13, 2013 - uploaded 4/15/2013 7:09am
Around the Waterfront News...includes US Formula 1 Powerboat Tour comes to Lucas Lake...OSS returns to Lake of the Ozarks...Three drownings (boating related) in Missouri-one on Stockton Lake the other on the Mississippi near St. Louis...North Carolina USCG Aux prepares for spring summer boating with education classes...Missouri Kids Free Fishing days...and The LOVE BOAT Theme now converted to a horn signal aboard the new Princess Cruise Liner...

April In The Water Boat Show at Lake of the Ozarks in next weekend...April 19-21 at Dog Days and Bob's No Wake Zone Radio Show will be there to meet you.  Live radio broadcast will also take place on Friday afternoon on KDKD FM , 104.9 The Eagle and over live streaming audio.  Click back to front page and click banner for more show details.

BOAT US ANGLER Program is featured in this segment with Steve Levi, Brand Manager.  Learn all about what is offerred with membership...trailer assist...towing...Weigh-toWin Tournament Cash Bonus Program and more...

"Honey...let's go rent a boat!"  Iguana Watersports Rentals is the place to go...and Austin French, Director of Rental Operations at Lake of the Ozarks Rental Guru's joins Bob to talk about all the improvements and additions they have made to make the 2013 season great.  Their main location...a truely wonderful showplace is located on the Bagnell Dam Strip in Lake Ozark, Mo.

Boat Show Calendar...April is full of shows...and Bob covers many around the country from Newport to Bay Bridge, Lake Havasu, Arizona (yes, there is water out there for boating!)...and the Annapolis Spring Sailboat Show...and finally the Houseboat Expo at Lake Cumberland, Ky in early June.

April 6, 2013 - Here is what is on deck...uploaded 4/8 7:36am
Show open with line-up for the first show of April 2013...thanks to our sponsors, too!

The Southwest international Boat Show at Clear Lake, TX outside of Houston on Trinity Bay...Galveston Bay was great.  Bob enjoyed an afternoon of interviews and looking at what else...BOATS and STUFF!  You'll hear the "Boat Show Afterglow" segments here with a Lake of the Ozarks Business...NoodleMon with Susan Torqeedo with Cal Duncan...Leukemia Cup Race Info...Discover Boating with Tom Knighten and our old friend Bob Bitchin with Cruising Outpost.

ShiPosium...what is it?  What is the Steamboat Historical Society of AmericaCdr. John Hamma, President of the organization will join us to talk about the event in June at Long Beach aboard the Queen Mary...and discuss the Titanic...and Carnival Cruise Lines recent problems.

Spring is here...well...sorta.  Marine Max Lake of the Ozarks is feeling like it it...Frank Svobada, Sales Manager joins Bob to talk about the Open House event...and what is going on each day now getting all boaters ready to hit the water.

Around The Waterfront News...learn about upcoming Boater Education Classes...the April In The Water Boat Show...Who rammed a Coast Guard Vessel?...Carnival Cruise Line ship has some good news for a change...cold water survival...and watch out for counterfeit fire extinguishers.

March 30, 2013 - Audio posted Easter Sunday 12:23pm cdt.
Around the Waterfront News- 50 Years of service...Coast Guard in Seattle honors Retired Capt. Gene Davis...Ohio-Fourth consecutive year of growth in recreational boat registrations...Kansas-Lower boat tax passed voters and may soon happen to help bring those dollars back to the state...George-Senate passes tougher boating laws including some boating education classes...and Missouri-man drowns at Lake of the Ozarks after falling off the dock trying to board his sailboat...body recovered...sad day.

BOAT US VP/Membership Heather Lougheed joins us to discuss all the benefits to membership in the organization.  This is the first of several BOAT US interviews you will hear explaining many of the areas of service this group provides.

Houseboat Expo 2013 is coming up the first weekend of June at Cumberland Lake in Kentucky...and Brady Kay, Editor of Houseboat Magazine tells us about what's happening, what to see and do, and how to have a chance to win a boat!  Brady is also the editor of Pontoon and DeckBoat Magazine and we discuss those markets, too.

Some of us dream of selling it all and buying a boat...sailing off into the sunset...and then there is Amy Schaefer and Sailing Papillon!  She, her husband and two young daughters have been out there doing it for three years now...we catch up with her down under...southern Australia...via SKYPE...this feature story will make you want to make the leap!

Show close with story lineup for the first weekend show in April! ShiPosium is coming to San Diego...and The Southwest International Boat Show afterglow reports will be coming up on the show.

March 23, 2013 - Audio posted 3/24/2013 8:29am
Salute to Carnival...Sheex Performance Bedding...Boating Education Trivia Question...
all in the Spring Break Edition of Bob's No Wake Zone Boating Radio Show!

Formula Racing coming to Missouri...Lucas Lake May 10th and 11th and Tim Seebold from Lake of the Ozarks joins us with details.  This is the first of four big boat racing events at Lucas Lake...Lucas Oil Speedway-Wheatland, MO.

MarineMax Lake of the Ozarks is holding their annual Open House...or Open Marina Day!  Frank Svobada, Sales Manager joins us with all the details about this event coming up Friday and Saturday, March 29-30...3070 Bagnell Dam Blvd.  Meet the staff...check out a new slip...see the new and used...brokered boats...enjoy a bite to eat and drink...

Grand Ambition...great story about the building of a $40 Million Dollar Yacht...told by Bruce Knecht.  Doug Von Allmen, former boater around Lake of the Ozarks is the subject along with all the boat builders and their stories.  Great book showing the contrast between this multimillionaire...and the workers show built the boat...

Answer to the boating education trivia question...what's up next week...and close!

March 16, 2013 - audio segments uploaded 3/16/13 1:17pm.
Closer to spring weekend show features lots of Around the Waterfront News.  Bob runs down the Spring Cleaning essentials from Star Brite...the Spider Cleaner and Spider Away sprays, Deck Cleaner and Boat Soap and gas/diesel treatment products.  At recent shows Bob's been asked lots of questions...mostly about Big Wakes and what to do about it...Bob covers some important info for big boaters on how to control the effects with info from the Missouri Water Patrol.  Women on the Water training classes get started April 4th at Marine Max and we'll have the schedule...sign up now with Teresa Riley Marine Max Lake of the Ozarks.  Couple of boat shows...Panama City Yacht & Boat Show this weekend...and the Bay Bridge Boat Show/Spring Sail Boat Shows-Annapolis...and BOAT US is looking for a new Boat Name for their Foundation Clean Water Boat...details here on this new contest!

How many tons of debris is picked up during the Lake of the Ozarks Shoreline Cleanup going on now thru April 14th?  Bryan Vance, Shoreline Cleanup Coordinator with Ameren joins the show with lots of details...and how to get involved.

Soutwest International Boat Show is coming up at the South Shore Harbour Marina, Clear Lake, Tx...just outside Houston from March 21-24...Bob gets with Peter Bryant, President to share all the details.

Renting a boat or buying your first on operation is critical...and is there to help.  Melanie Bedogne with the Water Solutions Group is on the BOAT US Guest Line via SKYPE to tell us more.

America's Cup is coming...September of this year...Bob's got some the final segment.  Plus more Around the Waterfront News.

March 9, 2013 - Uploaded 3/10/13 3:20pm Daylight Saving Time in Mid-America!
Around the Waterfront News...Who raised $171,000 for a great cause...Polar Plungers, That's who...details...MarineMax gets bigger by two...Cindy is gone...Nicole is now heading up the Government Relations Office at NMMA...Info on two upcoming boat SW and the other on the Chesapeake...Man sues marina when he walked on metal ramp and burned his feet...really?  Plus...Titanic II tickets going on sale for the 2016 voyage...

Lake West Chamber Business Expo last weekend where Bob's No Wake Zone was set up...and gave away a large quantity of we interviewed four businesses...Dock Lifeguard/Bennett Electric and Todd Bennett, Capt. Ron's with Ron Duggan, Mr. Kleen Detail with Matt O'Connell and the New Iguana Rip Rap service with Jason...

Ozark Yacht Brokers and Capt. Jay Clark are featured in this segment.  Bob and his microphone and trusty recorder spent some time with Capt. this segment you'll learn all about Jay...his marine background and about all the services he provides thru his office and connections based at the Lodge of the Four Seasons Marina...Lake of the Ozarks.  Buying or selling...Capt. Jay can help you.

OSS-Lake Race 2013 and Ellen Greenleaf will share some details about their involvement with this event coming the Lake of the Ozarks the first weekend of June. 

National Marina Day is getting bigger...and better with more organizations joining in this year.  Wendy Larimer joins us to explain how this event got started...the purpose...and what you can expect this June 8th around the country.

March 2, 2013 - Audio uploaded for your listening pleasure - 3/4/13 7:22am
Are we ready for Spring yet? Lake West Business Expo is Saturday-Today so we hope to meet you at Sunrise Beach.  Hubbell USB Rapid Charger Video is posted...and Winterfest/Mardi Gras Party takes place tonight...and if your marina manager did not call or email you with a snow storm update and condition of your boat...then you should consider moving to the MarineMax nearest you!  Listen for the story in this segment.

Lake Race 2013 had an official kickoff Saturday, Feb. 23rd at Formula Boats at Lake of the Ozarks.  This OSS Race will be at the lake in June and Bob's microphones were there to capture all the details.  Plus, an Exclusive Interview with Honorary Chariman Dave Scott...hear it all in this segment.

Polar Plungers took to the 37 degree water at the State Park, Lake of the Ozarks and we made it there in time to see many groups take the plunge.  We also caught up with Crystal Schuster, with Missouri Special Olympics and she gave some some details on the days events.  Total dollars raised is still being calculated as of broadcast time.

Support Our Troops Poker Run is coming in June and Eddie Champion with joins Bob for the early info about registration and events surrounding the run.  The event benefits Operation HomeFront.

Around the Waterfront News...Titanic II is coming...would you ride?  Also, was the Bounty ready for that fateful journey back in October...not so according to one Maine Shipyard worker...Hurricane Sandy was the biggest boating disaster in history and BOAT US is presenting some webinars to present findings and suggestions for future storms and how to prepare.  And Bob and Judy with Crusing Outpost will be doing seminars at the SW International Boat Show, South Shore Harbor, Clear Lake, TX March 22-24 and in Biloxi, MS on May 4-5...more info at

February 23, 2013 - Audio posted 2/24 1:15pm - enjoy!
Polar Plunge Saturday at Lake of the Ozarks...brave souls will dip into the water after noon all in an effort to raise funds for Missouri Special Olympics...and our Special Tribute to the passengers of the Carnival Triumph...

Lucas Oil Speedway and Drag Boat Track are gearing up for the 2013 season and Ashley Berry fills us in on Joe Falco, owner of Sportsman's Outfitters and Marine of Lee's Summit, MO tells us about his business and their superior Mercury service.  Both interviews were recorded at the Home Show and Bridal Expo held in Clinton on Saturday/Sunday, Feb. 16-17.

Springtime is just around the corner...right?  The Spring Annapolis Sailboat Show, Cruisers University and the Bay Bridge Boat Show are coming up in April and Paul Jacobs with United States Yacht Shows joins us with all the details.

See around 100 Lake of the Ozarks businesses including Bob's No Wake Zone Radio Show at the Lake West Chamber Business Expo on Sat. March 2nd in Sunrise Beach.  Mike Kenegy, Director of the Chamber tells us about the wide variety of businesses that will participate in this sold out show.

Around the Waterfront News can be heard here...and
OSS Press conference set for today with Dave Scott making some important sponsorship announcements-Bob's Microphones will be there and will report on 3/2.  Rental Boat has released a new video and the TOP 7 Signs you are a Boating a great boating song by Kenny Chesney in this final segment this week.

February 16, 2013 - uploaded for your listening pleasure 2-17-13 8:30am cst

Boating and the Beatles...two of my favorite things...stop by the Home Show in Clinton, MO this weekend to register to see the Liverpool Legends and enjoy an overnight stay at the Inn at the Grand a special 1st time element...Bob's talks about his experience buying from the Ozark Yacht Brokers...highlight three boats and how you can have a great buying experience as well.

Time to dip our toes in the about Plunging In?  It's the Polar Plunge at the Lake of the Saturday 2/23 and Crystal Schuster from MO. Special Olympics will be with us again to share all the details.  Plus Major League Baseball's 7th Inning Stretch song has been customized for the show by the Clinton High School Choir Ensemble under the direction of Mrs. May...good job you guys!

Southwest International In-The-Water Boat Show at Clear Lake, TX gets underway in late's a big one with Sail America, too...and President Peter Bryant comes on board with all the show details...and some new seminars that sound really interesting, too.

HUBBELL Marine has come out with a new wall receptacle that incorporates both A/C plugs...and USB Charging plugs for all of our electronic toys and tablets...we installed a couple and this is where you'll hear the report.  Watch for video coming soon.  Thanks to Hubbell Marine's Joe DiMaria, Director of Marine Marketing and Kelly Flory with Martin Flory and Associates for getting this to me.  I know boaters are going to love this product!

Mike Gillespie...Lake of the Ozarks Historian passed away recently as he lost his battle with cancer.  Mike and I enjoyed a couple of hours of recording some of his stories in 2011 and many of those were aired in my shows.  In rememberance of Mike and what he has left us...I've pull this segment from the's the story of how the Bagnell Dam got its name.  Thanks go to Capt. Charlie Meyer of Lake Tow Boat US at Lake of the Ozarks for posting on his site some tribute to Mike as well.  The Grand Glaize tour boat story has peaked out interest and Charlie and I and several others are working on more investigation and a possible documentary on this.  Stay tuned!  Mike...we'll miss you.

February 9, 2013 - Uploaded Sun 2/10/2013 2:34pm cst
Thanks for listening...we'd like to meet you. Come to the KDKD/KXEA Home Show and Bridal Expo on Feb 16-17...or drop by the Lake West Chamber Business Expo on Sat. March 2nd in Sunrise Beach...or the Lake Area Products and Services Show at the Country CLub Hotel and Spa in Lake Ozark on Sat. March 9th...yes...we'll have some BNWZ Radio Show T-Shirts to give away!

Center Console boats are becoming more visable and Pacific Pilothouse our of San Diego and President Ed Slawson are making that happen.  Hear their story by clicking this text!

The 3rd Largest Indoor Boat Show in the Country is the Tulsa Boat Show.  Bob's No Wake Zone Boating Radio Show was there and captured some interviews.  This Tulsa Boat Show Afterglow is part one of two parts today.  In this segment hear about Dick Lane's of Grand Lake with Jenny...Mike Vaughn with Big Blue Leasing...Joe Harwood, owner of Arrowhead Yacht Club at Grand Lake (he also owns two other marinas!) and Julian Hood with Horizons LTD talking about their soft...floating dock lines.  Product introductions...Hubbell has a new wall plug that includes what?  And we'll be testing a new fuel soon as we can fire up those bad boys...from XTreme Fuel Treatment.

Training and certifications for marine techs and boaters alike with the ABYC...Ed Sherman the Director of Educational Programming for the American Boat and yacht Council joins us from the East Coast to discuss the 2013 plans for courses around the country.

Tulsa Boat Show Afterglow Part this segment you'll hear about MarineMax Grand Lake, OK with Terry Wise...Tow Boat US at Grand with owner Captain Tom Benton...J.B. Robison, Jr. tells us about Hydrohoist Boat Lifts they sell in Oklahoma...and Mike Peters gets the party started with his My Floating Bar products!

Capt. Matt Walz with the Mo. State Highway Patrol, Water Patrol Division and member of the Lake of the Ozarks Water Safety Council will be leaving the group to take on new duties at the headquarters in Jefferson City soon...but had some parting words for this group dedicated to boating safety.  We'll also have some Boat Show calendar notes in this segment. 

February 2, 2013 - show uploaded-ready to play as of 2/4 7:22am
Tulsa Boat Show opens

What do you want from a Marina?  Dan Natchez is going to bring us lots of information about how the marina industry has changed and some conversation on survey's of boaters and what they want.  Very interesting discussion on our favorite place to be!
Dan is President of Dan Natchez and Associates, a leading international environmental waterfront design consulting company specializing in the design of marinas and resorts around the world.  See Dan's article in the December issue of Marina Dock Age magazine.

E-15...have you seen it at the pumps yet?  You will...but you need to BEWARE! Cindy Squires, chief counsel for public affairs and director of regulatory affairs with the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA).  What a battle going on...hear the entire story and then you'll be safer knowing what to put in the tank of your boat...or not to put in the tank of your boat.

Guess who the NUMBER ONE BOAT DEALER in the country is?  Find out by listening here...we'll also be talking with Kirby Liesmann of Kirby's School of Wake.  We caught up with Kirby at the Overland Park Boat Show.  Classes begin soon...oh and hint, hint...Frank Svobada of MarineMax, Lake of the Ozarks will be on in this segment, too!

Around The Waterfront News-Oklahoma State Rep. Pat Ownbey, who was on our show a few months back, has filed a bill about boater education...What were the TOP 10 reasons contributing to boating accidents?  The Coast Guard has the list...and you'll hear it here...Plus shoreline cleanup efforts are coming together at Grand Lake in Oklahoma prior to the big BASS Bass Master Classic coming later this month...and the Top 10 boating voted by readers of Boating World magazine.

January 26, 2013 - Audio uploaded Sat 1:04pm cst-enjoy!
OVERLAND PARK BOAT SHOW - Lake of the Ozarks Marine Dealers Association show is this week...we broadcast live on opening day...more details here, plus...Boating Education Classes scheduled...Women on the Water Training at MarineMax Missouri starting in April. The Bob's Boat Show Calendar is in this that special invitation from Bob at Cruising Outpost to join the crew in Biloxi in May.

Speaking of Boat Shows...The NEW DFW Boat Show is coming up and Frank Pillsbury, MarineMax Dealer in Dallas joins us to share the show info...and the surprise is that the new show will take place at the Texas Rangers Ballpark!  

Polar Plunge time in Missouri with 13 events planned to raise money for Missouri Special Olympics...Crystal Schuster will join us to tell us about the big one...the Lake of the Ozarks event that raised over $223,000 last year!   

From cold to hot...down to Miami we go and tie up with Husband and Wife Captains Margie and Harold Ochstein and their Island Dreamer Saling School!  Now listen to this segment and you will start to feel warmer!

Around the Waterfront News...congrats to the Marina Dock Age Magazine Small and Large Marinas of the year...we'll tell you about them.  Idaho boating law challenged...NMMA and Marine Retailers Association of America have donated some funds to the relief effort in New Jersey following Sandy...and NUDE ROWING? all female team wins a race across the Atlantic Ocean...sorry, no pictures were available at broadcast time!  And...there is a new Portable Device out that will help you test your dock for electic current in the water...from C & C Concerns...Sunrise Beach,MO...we tested it...and the report is here!

January 19, 2013 -
Boat Show Heaven! Just completed the KC Boat and Sport Show with Audio Interviews now posted (go back to home page for link) Overland Park, Kansas Lake of the Ozarks Marine Dealers Association show kicks off on Thursday the 24th...we'll be there for live broadcast.  Plus...lots of great pictures from the KC show.

57th Tulsa Boat Show gets underway on Jan 28 thru Feb 3rd...we'll be there to bring it back to you...and it's a big one as President Phil Keeter and Show Manager Jennifer Maricle explain in this segment.

What is a Fyddeye Guide and why would you want to have one?  Joe Fallensbee, author, historian, maritime enthusiast is on in this segment to tell us about maritime museums, light houses...and more including a great little book he's written.

Low water levels is something many of us are facing these days what with the drought...but the Great Lakes have even a bigger issue...and Chuck May, the Chair of the Great Lakes Small Harbors Coalition tells us about what they are doing to get dredging started again to open up waterways and harbors to many towns.

Around the Waterfront News...Costa Concordia is back in the news...1 year later.  Sea Ray is coming out with a new Jet Boat...Missouri Water Patrol Boating Education Classes are starting up in February...we'll have the list...and it's Eagle Day at Truman Lake...the Governor of Georgia is pushing for stricter boating laws...details on these stories here.

January 12, 2013 - Audio uploaded for your listening pleasure 1/14/13 7:16amcst
"I hit the Bay Bridge in San Fransisco with my fuel tanker" ...this 752 Ft. Tanker called the Overseas Reymar caused some panic...but all turned out OK...the 24th Annual Women's Sailing Convention is coming up in California...Details on the show...KC Sail and Power Squadron meets next week...we'll have details and Eagle Day at the Truman Lake Dam is next Saturday...Bob will run down the details.  Boat shows are starting...Bob's at the KC Boat & Sportshow and will have afterglow reports on the Jan. 19th show!

Texas Gulf Coast is featured this week with Mike McCann...and his web site called OnTheWaterLifestyle.Com...He covers 13 coastal cities with all the boating and other activities week to week.  His newsletter can be emailed free to you...listen to this segment for all the answers.

Boating and Water Safety is one of my main topics and this segment will introduce you to Armando Rositas and his new invention to help keep people saver in the water after falling off a tube or skies or board...the Swimming Buddy is his brain's a good one.  You'll want to get these for your PFD's.

More Around the Waterfront News...Hatteras Heros...this is a great story of a rescue...Sea Tow Foundation photo contest winner announced...and Bass Fishing as a High School Sport?  Listen to this segment...then go vote on our choice in this issue.

Show close and what's on deck for next week's show!

January 5, 2013 - audio uploaded Sun. Jan 6 2:10pm-enjoy!
In the opening segment we'll dive into the KC Boat Show details, Eagle Days around Missouri and delays on Hwy 5 Sunrise Beach due to construction of the new Hurricane Deck bridge.  Bass Fishing could be a high school sport in Missouri if Principals and Superintendents vote it where are the best places to fish and boat...according to readers of Boating World Magazine?

Speaking of the KC Boat Show, Frank Svobada, sales manager for Marine Max Lake of the Ozarks tells us about 2012 us an overview of the facilities there, and then shares the three upcoming boat show info and what will be on display...including the new Boat of the Year selected by Boating Magazine.

Andrea Gail...The Perfect's a true story for the most part...but there still a lot of unanswered questions.  Do I have the answers...nope...but we'll fill in some blanks.  The Movie played over the holiday's and had a chance to research it a bit for you.

TrawlerFest is coming to Florida and Christina Vilches will fill us in on all the details about the show...about the educational opportunities it provides...and other features.   Plus, Passage Maker Magazine is the sponsor of the show...we'll learn about this publication focused on long range cruising.

Each state has different requirement for legally operating a boat...Missouri has Boating Education Classes starting up soon...and if you were born after Jan. 1, 1984, you will need to have a certificate of completion.  I'll have the class list and other info in this segment.  We close the program with next week's guests...and a reminder that we'll be broadcasting live from the Kansas City Boat and Sport Show on Thursday...hope you'll make it!