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Bob's No Wake Zone Boating Radio Show now based out of KRMS
and 93.5 Rocks at Osage Beach...Lake of the Ozarks!

It's an Award Winning Show...each and every week!

It's all about Boating - Kayaks to Cruise Ships - Ropes and Knots and Megayachts
"Boatings Voice from and for Lake of the Bob's No Wake Zone Boating Radio Show!"
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General Manager Bob May in studio recording No Wake Zone segmentBob on the dock! He's always looking for new products/services to report on!
"Skipper of the Radio WAVES...Your Captain of the Kilohertz!"
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Listen for interview with Brad Cato, Rental Manager...on Bob's No Wake Zone
Boating Radio Show...May 17th

People ask me all the time...where do I sign up for membership and get that towing deal...
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Plus...check out the 20+benefits of being a member...listen to upcoming shows for interviews with key department heads from BOAT US...

Listen for the report on this project and the amazing sound from this small
compact unit...more pictures to follow...

Tragic crash life lost...Triump in the 244 MPH achived...
Listen for follow up with Jason Johnson and Ron Duggan
on the show Sunday, August 31...


If you can't the banner link below for immediate info...and thanks for stopping by!


Out with the Old...In with the NEW...Xantrex TrueCharge 2 Battery Charger project underway...We'll bring you the story May 10 & 11......Watch VIDEO installation below

Also available thru West one of the logos on this page to save!


The Nautical Collection will amaze you...exclusive SLEEP-FIT Technology provides a great night's sleep!

How important is it to wear a life jacket?
Watch this...

Great Christmas Gift Ideas...
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Hear interview about these two sites
on the August 3, 2013 in
the On Demand Dock Box Archives!

Bob welcomes a new sponsor...and you thought you had
to go to the East or West Coast to get your Captains License...


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Listen for Bob's Interview with Pat Conzemius, Conservation Director with Wildlife Forever..Saturday Nov 9th show!

Need to know your State Boating Education Requirements to operate
a boat/watercraft?
CLICK HERE for the full report from BOAT US!

IBEX 2013 - 500 exhbitors-5000 attended including me!

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25th Annual Lake of the Ozarks Shootout...huge success...record crowds...record speed...Bob Morgan Memorial Hall of Fame...very special week of activities...see my photos from Saturday, August 24th...and watch the video, too!

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INVASIVE SPECIES's our problem...and our
duty to help stop the spread...
Check out these Six Video clips from
Click here to watch and learn with you can do!

Support Our Troops Poker Run Event
sponsored by
as seen thru the camera of Bob's No Wake Zone
Friday, June 28, 2013

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Lake Race 2013 The Off Shore Super Series was also held June 6-9 at Lake of the Ozarks Bagnell Dam area...and it was packed with spectators as the racing took place...Bob's photos leading up to the races on Saturday...
nowakebob's OSS Lake Race 2013 Lake of the Ozarks album on Photobucket

Product Review ...check this out!
Listen for feature audio report on the Feb 16th show now in the On Demand Dock Box Archives!

An A/C and USB Wall Plug combined...why didn't
I think of that! Hubbell did...and we've
installed a couple...what a great idea!
Watch my You Tube Installation Video!

Bob's Shootout Flyover Video - YouTube

Lake of the Ozarks Top Gun 2012 Greg Olson
hits 192 MPH to win the Largest Unsanctioned Boat Race in the Country...enjoy Bob's pictures
from the event including
some "flyover" pictures on his ride with the
Kansas City Flight Formation Team! 
Video to follow...
Click here to go to Shootout Web Site


More from Kevin Ritz-ABYC Certification Instuctor on Boat Electric Safety and what is happening with GFCI Breakers for boats and docks...Kevin lost a son in 1999 to electrocution...hear his story and why these kinds of deaths can be prevented...Saturday 7/21 show.
Five people electrocuted in lakes in one week...
Bob gets into the topic of electric safety-dock inspections-regulations- with Jeff Green of Ameren and Kyla Kruse with the Education Council on the show Saturday, July in the On Demand Dock Box Archives!

Renting a boat or PWC?
Learn some boating safety basics before you do!

Never Ever forget to put the drain plug in again...

Listen to the story in the On Demand Dock Box as Steve Colsher explains how it works...Look for the March 10th Show...segment #4
or click this link!

Click here to listen to Bob explain how this amazing little piece of equipment could save you lots of headaches...

Know the Navigational Rules of the Road?
Click the Logo and view the videos for a refresher or if you are a new boater...this will start
you off with some basics...this is not a complete course...just about the Nav Rules. 
Presented by the National Safe Boating Council.
Hear more on Bob's show...Saturday, March 17.

They invented it...and it truely is the best boat lift...check them out!
HydroHoist of the Ozarks!

If it's NOT Blue...It's NOT for you!

Get in touch with Capt. Julz or Dave Hotz!


Lake of the Ozarks - 3070 Bagnell Dam Blvd just 1/4 Mile off the 54 Expressway west of the new CVS/KOHL's/Menards locations...or the 17 MM on the water!  Visit the new "Western Command" for MarineMax...North Highway 5, Laurie, MO...near the big watertower on the west side of the highway!

It's time to buy a new fender...that's right...1 fender...not 4 or 6...just one!  The Dock Torpedo!
Check out the video...

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Maximum protection for your boat...and the ones rafted up with you!

Live in Missouri? Born after Jan. 1, 1984? If you want to operate a motorized'll need to take the Boating Education Certification for more info or go to

  More info searchword Zebra

Learn about Clean-Drain-Dry-Dispose!


It's Here for you to Hear...
The MarineMax Lake of the Ozarks Story - Click Here!

 Towing-Recovery of Sunken Boats-Gasoline Delivery-Battery Jump-

Tow Boat Lake of the Ozarks pulling cruiser in for repairs near Glaize Bridge Contact TOW BOAT US at Lake of the OzarkslCapt. Charlie Meyer- Lake of the Ozarks Lake Tow Blog - Click Here!
Contact Captain Charlie Meyer or Captain Dave Anderson by clicking the links above! 

This section covers boating products installed & tested by Bob!Boating Products for better boating on-the-water - tests & reports on new products for PWC's to Yacht's!
NOTE: See Bob's Nautical Archives for products that have been tested, reviewed and featured in the past few months. 

BOAT U.S. and other Boating Services - Insurance - Towing - Repairs - Brokerage

CLEAN WATER...We all want it...and the EPA is currently asking for comments from us...the Recreational Boater and Angler on the topic of Clean Water and Invasive Species.
Click to listen to the latest info and get involved in upcoming Webinars where you can hear their proposals and provide comments.

ZEBRA MUSSELS and other Invasive Creatures...that we DON'T want in our waters...and what you can do to help the stop the spread!  
If you trailer your boat...this is very important for the audio report!

Boating & Water Safety

Fueling - most dangerous time, learn some key tips to help protect your property and guests.

How many life jackets should you have on your boat? Do you have to have a horn or navigation lights? Have you ever had your boat inspected for safety and what's required by law?  Here's a web site that can help you and provide a way for you to receive a FREE Vessel Safety could save your life or the life of your passengers.  Click here for all the info


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